Wash Off the Sandcastle

There's nothing better than a day at the beach! The laughter of your kids. Their little sprints into the waves. The sand between their little toes. But as much as your whole family loves the beach, you really don’t want to return and have the RV look like the set of “Dune.” Because sand is not fun to clean up.

So, here are some tips and tricks to bring your fun-and-sun-soaked family home without leaving a trail.

1. Pack Some Baby Powder

Your babies may have graduated to kiddos, but trust us: Baby powder has a big payoff as you leave the beach. Here, it’s for toes, not butts. Simply sprinkle some on your kids’ feet, and they’ll be sand-free in no time. Baby powder soaks up the seawater that binds sand to your skin—so the sand will slide right off.

2. Buy a Beach Blanket

Not all beach blankets are created equal. So, if your fam has a beach trip in the future, invest now and purchase a sandless beach blanket or a set of sandless beach towels. Unlike standard terrycloth material, sand does not stick as easily and makes ridding your towels of sand a sea breeze.

3. Dry First, Wash Later

Wet clothes + sand + a washing machine don’t mix—unless you want a sandy washing machine. (You don’t.) So resist the urge to throw everything in the washer right away. Let wet clothes and towels remain outside until they’re completely dry. Then have the kids shake them out before you give them a spin.

Equip the trip

Dock and Bay Sandless Beach Towels
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Honey-Can-Do Tripod Clothes Drying Rack
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WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent
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4. Rinse Your Sandy Urchins

Your kids don’t need to go the full monty outside your RV—just a quick rinse in their bathing suits with an outdoor shower attachment. Camco has an outdoor shower head that is compatible with garden hoses and even has a suction cup to free up your hands to make sure you are extra sand-free before heading indoors.

5. Water (Can) Those Feet

Watering cans are cheap and convenient, as well as fun and easy for the kids to use. Have the kids fill it before you head out, and when you arrive home, give them the responsibility of running the family foot-bath station. (It’s also a good reminder for everyone to take their shoes off before getting in the RV.)

6. Deploy the Dust Buster

Despite all your baby-powder, sandless-towel, and watering-can tricks, some sand will make its way inside. (Big sigh.) So, keep a dust buster on board for any stubborn grains that follow you home. And while you’re at it, deputize those energy-filled kids to patrol and dust-bust any tracks they find.

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