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From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2021

Make the right moves in your RV to stay unfazed by the blaze

Keeping Your Cool
SUMMER IS OUR FUN-LOVING relative. We can’t wait for summer’s arrival, but man, once summer is here, it is a full-tilt, nonstop, sizzle of activity. And no matter how much you love the fun, the heat, and the sweat of summer, chances are you will soon (and often) be seeking the crisp, cool interior of your RV. But is your RV prepared to keep summer outside, where it belongs For any newbies out there (learn some new terms on Page 12), there are some great tried-and-true tricks: parking in the shade, avoiding cooking during the day, cranking the AC to full capacity,

From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2023

Whale Watching in Washington

ONCE YOU SEE THAT TALL, BLACKFIN cut through the waves in front of you, no doubt will remain: This was the best idea EVER. Till then, it’s OK if you are skeptical about the wisdom and hassle of taking your RV to an island—so long as you still go. Nature has its ways of still flooring us as adults. And your trip to San Juan Island, just off the Washington State coast, is an opportunity for the whole family to feel like kids.

From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2023


Great geysers and grand canyons are just a few of the national wonders your family will love. But behind each American journey is a bigger purpose: Shaping who your kids become.

Within the first five minutes of my conversation with Jamie Goncharoff, he made sure I knew certain things. He was a prior Marine; he used to be a volunteer firefighter; he paid his own way through law school by working the overnight shift at UPS; and he’s not very impressed by people who say they’ve seen the Alps.

From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2023

Creekfire rv resort

Experience the hospitality of one of the South’s most refreshing resorts just outside one of America’s oldest and most intriguing towns.
SAVANNAH HAS ALWAYS SEEMED strangely comfortable living between two opposites. Cooled by the lush green shade of live oaks and cold currents of river water that flow down to the coast, Savannah blithely lounges amid a sweltering Georgia heat. If the locals make luxuriating look easy (and they do),

From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2023

Firework Frenzy

Road Trip: Watching fireworks fill the sky and illuminate the myriad monuments and memorials around DC’s Washington Mall is a Fourth of July like no other. Each year, the performance lineup for the PBS Capitol Fourth Concert is star-spangled with big names and military band salutes.

Exploring the Face of the Nation

THE ROAD IS AN UNRIVALLED TEACHER. As street-wise students ourselves, we can attest to that. And we know that our kids—in their pre driving years—will only learn what we show them. So, why not show them the very best? Imagine a trip where they could walk into the unadulterated wilderness of Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. Where they could stand in the place where history happened and hear the stories that define us.

From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2023

One Bad Campground

what a rough week looks like. But Brady Sullivan, the protagonist at the center of Sandusky Burning, takes a rough week to a whole new level. What level is that exactly? The drugged thenblackmailed-for-access-to-hissecurity-clearance level. This is Bryan W. Conway’s first novel, and it opens with the hair-raising scene of an RV

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