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Just like our RVer audience, we're built a little different.

I Heart RVing helps you reach a new and different audience of active RVers at a more efficient rate than other industry marketing options.

With a robust offering of ad channels like email and direct mail, together with the printed and digital magazine, you'll be able to reach your target demographic on multiple fronts and boost your print and digital ROI. The data is clear. Omnichannel marketing is powerful. With I Heart RVing, you can harness that power to reach the RV customers you need, with great results. To start your advertising journey with us, please contact Kim Whitaker at (919) 412-6325 or kim@iheartrving.com. Or, if you have products or services you would like us to consider for editorial in the magazine or on the website, please email us at editorial@iheartrving.com. We look forward to helping each of you reach your target audience and desired goals! Get in. We're going places.

Advertising & Sales

To request a media kit, contact:
Kim Whitaker, Director of Sales and Partnerships
(919) 412-6325

Products & Editorial

To get your product featured in I Heart RVing Magazine, or if you have a story idea, please reach out to:

General Inquiries

For all other inquiries, including general magazine questions, website questions, or just to talk RV shop, you can use the contact form below, or catch us at:

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