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From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2021
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Keeping Your Cool
SUMMER IS OUR FUN-LOVING relative. We can’t wait for summer’s arrival, but man, once summer is here, it is a full-tilt, nonstop, sizzle of activity. And no matter how much you love the fun, the heat, and the sweat of summer, chances are you will soon (and often) be seeking the crisp, cool interior of your RV. But is your RV prepared to keep summer outside, where it belongs For any newbies out there (learn some new terms on Page 12), there are some great tried-and-true tricks: parking in the shade, avoiding cooking during the day, cranking the AC to full capacity,

RV-Friendly Holiday Décor

by Larry Norris

No matter where you live or how you travel, it’s only natural to want to celebrate the changing seasons and upcoming holidays. Many of us thrill at the endless possibilities of creating a festive atmosphere inside and out of our homes. Yet whether you’re spending …

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