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8 Fantastic King Campers with King Size Beds

Many RVs on the road are known for their, let’s say, “cozy” sleeping accommodations. And if you like to cuddle up or don’t need a lot of room to sleep comfortably, these are fantastic options. But what about for people who are bigger or taller—such as those who are over six feet—or for folks who tend to starfish at night and take up just a bit more sleep space? The smaller sleeping areas can quickly feel cramped and uncomfortable. Enter the king camper with king-size mattresses. 

While most campers come equipped with double or queen-sized beds, there are plenty of options of king campers with room for a full king-size bed. No more toes falling off the bottom of the bed or navigating for space with your partner, which is especially important if you’ll be spending days, weeks, or even months RVing for an extended vacation. (Sounds a little bit like heaven, doesn’t it?) 

What Is a King Camper? 

Even a luxurious camper often provides a queen-sized bed at most. Even then, in comparison to a standard bed, those found in campers can be up to five inches shorter. Indeed, to place a mattress into an RV, manufacturers often shave off the length and width to provide extra space within the trailer. 

RV mattresses are also usually much thinner and more flexible than the one on your bed at home. For good reason: This decrease in size can help reduce towing weight (which is a big consideration). Some also change the shape of the mattress to better fit into the space. That may mean they’re narrower in some areas or curved to slide into the space. 

For a quick side-by-side comparison, a domestic double bed is 53” x 75”, which is the same as an RV full bed of 53” x 75”. Queen mattresses come in three different sizes: A standard domestic queen is 60” x 80”, a three-quarter queen mattress is 48” x 75”, and a short queen is 60” x 75”. 

What about a king camper bed? Fortunately, these larger beds are made for tall sleepers. They are, however, still typically narrower than a standard King. A standard domestic king mattress is 76” x 80”, whereas a California king is 72” x 84”, and a king camper mattress measures 72” x 80”. For tall or big sleepers, every inch counts!

Best King Campers with King-Size Beds

Now that you know it’s possible to extend the bed, your next question is likely, which campers offer king-size beds? Great question!

  1. Palomino Puma 31FKRK has a towable length of 37’10”, allowing it to maneuver fairly easily and can be towed with a half-ton vehicle. With an interior height of 80 inches, there’s also plenty of headroom even for taller RVers. With two sliders, this unit also provides enough extra room to have a walkaround king bed, so you can sleep in comfort and avoid climbing over your partner if you need to get up in the night. 
  2. Jayco White Hawk 32KBS comes in a hair longer at 38’ and provides a wide range of luxury features. While the White Hawk has several floorplans to choose from, the KBS is the one to check out for king-sized comfort. It also has two sliders to accommodate the extra interior room, including extra storage and even a sitting area in the bedroom that can be closed off if you want a little extra quiet space to get away from all the family activity.
  3. Crossroads Volante VL32SB packs a lot of adventure into 36’ 11”, including a king bed and two sofa sliders, so you’ll have plenty of room for the family or a group of friends. These units even provide an extra outside kitchen, perfect for entertaining.
  4. Keystone Cougar Half-Ton Luxury Travel Trailers are made for people who want a luxury RV that’s as comfortable off the grid as it is pulling into your favorite full-hookup RV park. Again, there are a variety of lengths and floorplans available, including a king-size bed option—even in the smaller campers with a mere 25’ 11” lengths.

    This isn’t the only Keystone RV that offers a king bed. Another option worth taking a look at is the Outback Ultra-Light. The 221OURS unit, for instance, offers a rear slide large king bed with a towing length of only 23’ 4”.
  5. Cruiser RV Radiance Ultra-Lite R-25RB is another “smaller” travel trailer (at 25’ 5”) that offers the comfort of a king camper bed. While roomy enough for some adventurers, this cruiser doesn’t offer as much space around the bed as some of the other options.
  6. Grand Design 391DL is one model you’ll definitely want to check out if you’ve got a large family or friend group. This home on wheels offers not just one but two bedrooms, one of which offers an option for a king bed. It’s super spacious inside with a length of 43’ 11” inches with plenty of headroom, and can sleep 8! Add in the gourmet kitchen, loads of entertainment options, a second bathroom, and clever storage options… you may never want (or need) to return home.
  7. Heartland 33RETS provide all the comforts of home with an open-concept floor plan, an “on suite” bathroom, and of course, a king-size mattress that’s gel-infused for added comfort. This is another roomy option with a length of 39’ 8” and extra headroom to make it feel airy and spacious
  8. ADT Harrier from American Teardrop is the option for people who want a lighter, smaller tow. This small but mighty teardrop trailer (that’s right, it’s a teardrop) is only 6’ x 10’, yet it can comfortably fit a California king bed. It also has an extra wide galley for food prep, and extra storage to carry all of your gear. Yet, it can be pulled by a wider array of vehicles. 

Whichever king camper you choose, one of the best things about RVing is the comfort of a bed without the trouble of having to set up your tent, lay out your sleeping bag, and try to get comfortable on the cold, hard ground. And you don’t have to compromise. There are several great king campers available in a wide range of sizes and prices to fit your desire for adventure and comfort. 

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