Cummins Has RV Renovated In Preparation For Tour To Promote New QG 4000i Generator

Earlier this year, Cummins partnered with Cortni Armstrong, also known as The Flipping Nomad, to fully renovate the inside of their Class C. This is the first step in Cummins’ 2024 campaign to promote their new Onan QG 4000i generator, which is installed in the Class C. But first, the interior and exterior of the RV needed a little love.

“Cortni is known for her extraordinary skill and creativity in transforming RVs into pristine, modern spaces. We are so excited to partner with her and see the magic she works on our Class C,” says Mobile Power Marketing Manager Kristin Howard.

The RV, affectionately named by Cortni “Genny Sue”, has all new cabinets, floors, and repainted walls. The color palette was brightened from dark wood muted tones to much lighter tones with accents of “Onan green” – the distinct color of the Onan generators.

“It was such an honor to bring Cummins’ Class C to life. It was a pleasure for us to not only align with such a well-known brand, but to see a brand of that size embrace the emerging craft of renovated RVs. There are endless possibilities when you reimagine RVs, and watching Cummins see the possibility has been very exciting,” says Armstrong.

After the renovation is completed in mid-May, the Cummins sales and marketing teams will take turns taking the Class C camping on what they’re calling the Onan Unplugged Tour. The team members will camp in the Class C at various Harvest Hosts locations and dry camp using the new QG 4000i generator.

“This is exciting because not only is the “before” and “after” of a renovation like this fun to follow, but we get to take it out on the road and use the new QG 4000i generator ourselves,” says Howard. “This camping tour gives the Cummins RV team a chance to get out and RV like our customers do so we can better understand their needs and live the RV life right alongside them.”


The camping trips will be documented on the Cummins RV social media channels. You can follow the Onan Unplugged Tour by following Cummins on Instagram (@cumminslifestyle) or Facebook (Cummins RV), and you can follow Cortni on Instagram (@theflippingnomad).

To learn more about the new Onan QG 4000i, visit https://www.cummins.com/generators/onan-qg-4000i.

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