From the pages of I RVing: Summer 2023

RELiON Outlaw 1072s Portable Power Station

We hooked it up to the works, and the Outlaw didn’t even blink. Clean, quiet, energy everywhere.

PORTABLE POWER IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST while you’re off-the-grid—and as a backup after dark. The RELiON Outlaw handles a heavy load: phones, laptops, tablets–devices that keep your kids happy–and even TVs and refrigerators. It’s strong enough to power everything you need to take on adventure, lightweight enough to take anywhere, and unobtrusive without the fumes, noise, or smell of a gas generator. The Outlaw features two AC outlets, three USB-A, two USB-C, two barrel jacks at 12V, a 12V car port plug, and an EC5 30amp DC port. The internal battery management system protects against under/over voltage, over current and short circuits. The pure sine inverter safely powers sensitive devices, and the built-in LCD displays voltage, watts in/out, and remaining run time

1,000 W • 2,000 W Peak • 921 Watt Hours

Start up tools or fridges that demand a big initial draw, and keep them running for hours. Then charge your phone. Your laptop. Your friend’s phone … you get the idea.

Good LiFeP04 Chemistry

Lithium iron phosphate means it lasts longer, holds more power, and operates more safely than lithium-ion alternatives. It’s cutting-edge tech for cutting-edge travel.

Over 3,500 Cycles of Life

The Outlaw will be your sidekick through all your adventures, with over 3,500 recharging cycles. That’s over nine years of fully draining while recharging every day!

Lightweight and Compact

At just 32 pounds, with a comfortable and convenient carry handle and seriously durable build, you can take it just about anywhere, even if you’re not a big lifter.


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