Alliance RV Takes a Ride Down the Avenue of Excellence

As Tom Cruise might say, “Welcome to the mission.”

For Alliance RV, the mission— to provide customers with the best RV ownership experience imaginable—is very much in the realm of possible. How do they do it? Actively engaging with the RVing community and valuing customer feedback, for starters. And, of course, really awesome luxury fifth wheels.

One of their remarkable offerings is their Avenue line, feature-rich fifth wheel models designed to deliver a mid-profile experience with easy towing. Complete with modern country living décor, ductless AC, superior construction, and innovative features, the Avenue line is a top choice for refined RV enthusiasts.

The industry likes them too. RV News recognized Alliance RV's commitment to excellence by awarding the Avenue 32RLS model the award of 2022 Mid Profile Fifth Wheel of the Year.

What makes the 32RLS worthy of this esteemed award? Strap in!

The 32RLS boasts a wide range of features designed to enhance comfort and convenience. The 101" wide body provides ample space, while the designer accent lighting with dimmers sets the perfect ambiance. The use of AZDEL Composite Sidewalls ensures a lightweight construction that is resistant to rot, mold, warping, and delamination. The absence of formaldehyde makes it odorless and environmentally friendly.

The 32RLS's construction includes a space-saving Benchmark Chassis with a flush upper deck and a PVC Roof with a lifetime warranty, zero maintenance and extreme durability. The flush slide-out floors throughout the unit provide a seamless living space, and the absence of in-floor heat ducts ensures a clutter-free floor. (Psst! No ducts in the floor also means no surprise encounters between floor ducts and your bare feet at night). Plus, the removal of carpet makes the unit pet-friendly, easy to clean, and allergen-free.

Alliance RV dug down to the deets too. The 32RLS features reinforced drawers, smart LED dimmer switches with flush can lighting, and industry-leading tank sizes for extended adventures (98 Gal. fresh / 106 Gal. grey / 53 Gal. black, if you were wondering). The innovative storage is of note, too. You’ll find hidden storage spots in the dinette seats, dinette bench, inside end tables, and behind the TV.

The big winner of the interior is their AC system, which is especially prevalent during these record-smashing summers. The 32RLS AC offers a 50% more effective, high-efficiency 27,00 BTU system. It’s quiet and cools the space fast. The AC also operates with individual zones, so no more fighting over the thermostat.

For those seeking additional options, Avenue offers a king bed upgrade and an OTG Solar package with a 320-watt panel, inverter prep, and dedicated outlets.

For RV enthusiasts who are passionate about a better ownership (and towing) experience, Alliance RV and the Avenue 32RLS are just the beginning. Ready to start exploring the world in style and comfort? Check out the Alliance website to learn more about this award-winning model.

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