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LG’s Suite Vision for Van Life

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SOUTH KOREAN TECH GIANT LG has a big vision for the future of RVing. At the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) this past January, LG announced the concept for a new futuristic vehicle called Vision Omnipod, described as a “mobility concept solution that blurs the distinction between home and car.” (Here, we have a different, super-technical term for mobility concept solutions: RVs.) The Vision Omnipod’s exterior may look like a standard van, but the interior is stacked with a suite of high-tech LG home appliances, from refrigerators and TVs to drink dispensers. LG says that the vehicle can also be configured to various modes for shopping, fitness, camping, sleeping, remote work, and even a special mode for accessing the metaverse (with a floor-to-ceiling screen). Finally, there is your virtual assistant Reah: a personal concierge, fitness instructor, and companion, all in one. (Joaquin Phoenix is already in love.) Though LG has not determined a release date for the Vision Omnipod, images of what future RVs may look like continue to tickle our excitement.

A New Line of RV Grills Heats Up

Magma Products, a marine, and outdoor grill supplier is introducing a line of new grills designed specifically for RVers. The Magma Crossover Cooking System has a high-efficiency
firebox that can transform from a stove to a grill, pizza oven, griddle, or plancha. The Crossover Series is exclusively available online through BBQGuys.

RV Inventor Says, “Hail, No!”

An inventor out of New Mexico recently designed a product to keep hailstones from damaging RV roof vents. Speaking to InventHelp, he says, “I wanted to create a protective accessory for the
rooftop air vent cover and skylight on a recreational vehicle. So, I invented the Air Vent Cover.” Currently, the patent-pending product design is available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers—so your next RV could be better equipped to survive the seventh plague.

National Parks to Require Reservations

National parks saw an enormous increase in visitor volume last year. July of 2021 was Yellowstone’s busiest month in almost 150 years. Acadia National Park hosted 4 million visitors last year park record. As a result, the National Park Service is introducing a reservation system to keep the crowds manageable— especially during a park’s peak season.

Sunshine State to Add Over 5,200 Campsites

Florida is making big moves to answer consumer demand for RV parking spots. RV News reports that by 2023, the Sunshine State will add 15 new RV resorts with over 3,700 campsites. Simultaneously, another 13 existing RV resorts are expanding, which will collectively add nearly 1,500 more RV sites. Bobby Cornwell, Florida RV Park, and Campground Association executive
director and CEO, says that mobile workers are flocking down in addition to the usual snowbirds.

Premium Batteries Made Standard

In an exclusive agreement, Dragonfly Energy lithium batteries will now be provided as standard or optional on Keystone RV travel trailers and fifth wheels. Josh Miller, Keystone RV’s VP of sales, sees this as a huge win for RV buyers, “Customers will be able to purchase a Keystone RV equipped with the best batteries in the industry.” He notes that while interest in lithium batteries is at an all-time high, the cost can deter potential buyers. Keystone RV consumers will no longer have that problem.



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