The Dish on the DISH Tailgater Pro

If we told you the RV life is full of surprises, that wouldn’t be much a surprise. It’s why we surround ourselves with gear we can rely on: One less thing to worry about is always a win. Because somewhere between turning in, backing up, hooking up, sliding out, and settling in, there’s gonna be a problem to solve.

And truth be told, all-too-often, that involves weak Wi-Fi or an evasive satellite connection. (You know, right after you’ve mastered your entire travel timeline to be parked just in time to watch a game, premiere, or movie release.)

Call us crazy, but in this age of wonders, we think live TV should be easy and dependable. Affordable and available on demand. The Tailgater Pro Premium satellite antenna by DISH Outdoors is all those things—and more.

Here are the top three things we love about it.

Signal Finding on Autopilot

Setting up the Tailgater Pro is awesome because it is easy. We’re talking about five steps here—all of which are super intuitive. (Like set-it-up-connect-it-turn-it-on kind of simplicity.) But the feature that takes the cake is how it automatically finds its own signal. You point it south; it does the rest.

You can have it permanently installed atop your RV, but you may not even want to. After all, the Tailgater Pro is so light—8 pounds—you can set it easily on parking. But either way you can say goodbye to manually pointing satellite dishes—which, frankly, was the modern-day version of playing with the rabbit ears on the TV. DISH Outdoors puts manual pointing in the past—where it belongs.

Saying Goodbye to Contracts

For weekend warriors in particular, two-year service contracts are pain in the black water tank. Especially when you’re RV is parked in the drive. They don’t make a lot of sense … unless you’re the satellite company cashing the checks.

DISH Outdoors has a simpler, easier, non-nonsense model: Pay-As-You-Go. So you choose when you need service and just pay for that—instead of being bound to a 730-day contract that takes to make two laps around the sun. And with fast and free shipping, you don’t have to have to be a long-range planner to get your bundle on board. In the RV life, it’s only worth taking what you need, and paying for what you use. DISH Outdoors gets that. Also, because DISH Outdoors is a one-stop shop for your on-the-road entertainment enhancement, they’re the only contact you need—from the equipment install (which they send) to the service connection (which they support). Again, simple.

Streaming Live TV Anywhere

In the end, what matters is getting live TV on the tube when you need it. This is where DISH Tailgater Pro really shines because it makes it easier than ever to get live TV, sports, and movies wherever you go.

DISH offers custom programing packages so you can choose what you want. Whether that’s local channels (to keep an eye on the weather), kids shows (to pacify the little peeps), live sports (so you never miss a game), or entertainment options (so you stay spoiler-free), it’s all up to you. What’s up to DISH is that your live TV will be ready whenever you wanna hit play. And that’s really all we ever wanted from RV TV.

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