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Badlands National Park

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Enter a prehistoric landscape exploding with color, grit, and wildlife

Visiting the Badlands is like stumbling into a lost Temple of the earth—and finding it is very much alive. With a protected expanse of mixed-grass prairie, animals like mountain sheep, bison,
snakes, hawks, and prairie dogs (of course) are common sights throughout the park. As you drive the hourlong, 39-mile loop or hike along 75 different trails, sandstone formations rise like red-striped pyramids made from a mix of sand, shale, iron oxides, and volcanic ash.


For RVers, the cooler days of fall mean that winter is quickly approaching

You may be preparing to winterize and store your RV for the season or heading west to spend a few more weeks on the road. Regardless, you want to be sure that your RV is prepped and ready for coming adventures, and that means making sure your water heater is functioning properly.


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