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RVs You’ve Scene OnScreen

Out in the far reaches of space and on the road with the Blue Brothers! See how well you know the most famous RVs from film and TV.

N o. 1 What speed did the Space Balls achieve when chasing the Eagle 5 (1986 Winnebago Chieftain 33’ turned spacecraft)?

A. Light speed.
B. Ridiculous speed.
C. Ludicrous speed.
D. Plaid.

In which film did the EM-50 Urban Assault Vehicle, a militarized RV, make an appearance?

A. “Full Metal Jacket.”
B. “Stripes.”
C. “Major Payne.”
D. “Saving Private Ryan.

Breaking Bad’s mobile meth lab, a 1986 Fleetwood Bounder, finally meets its end when

A. Walt and Jesse drive it off a cliff, Thelma-and-Louise style.
B. A rival cartel rigs it to explode on ignition.
C. It gets compacted in a junkyard, appropriately.
D. There was this banana on the road …

How many episodes did Dale Horvath’s 1973 Winnebago Chieftain make it through in The Walking Dead?

A. 6.
B. 19.
C. 34.
D. 147 (and still going, baby!)”

What did Clark call Cousin Eddie’s 1973 Ford Condor II motorhome in “Christmas Vacation?”

A. An Airstream Argosy.
B. A Fleetwood Southwind.
C. A Dodge A100 Sportsman.
D. A station wagon, bro. A station wagon.

In “RV,” Robin Williams plays a man who takes his dysfunctional family on vacation. What was the movie’s tagline?

A. A man went looking for America, and he couldn’t find it anywhere.
B. One man’s struggle to take it easy.
C. A family escape … in need of rescue.
D. On a family vacation, no one can hear you scream.


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