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Flippin’ Time for Fall

Renovate your RV’s entertainment system for more free space, fall sports, and cozier firesides. Torrey Swan HITTING THE ROAD is a hallmark of the weekend. And this time of year, those Saturdays and Sundays are prime time for the big game. Which means that wherever you park over the weekend, your RV’s entertainment system should give you the option to return from that glorious scenic overlook and feel like you’re stepping right into the stadium. The movie theater. Or an eight-hour, two-season, judgment-free, TV-show binge.

With an RV though, the trick is always a little bit what and a little bit how. That’s why we got some expert tips from Renee Lois of Wisco Flip. Renee and her husband Brad collectively have over 25 years in interior design, landscape design, and construction. Based in Wisconsin—the home of both Badger fans and Cheeseheads—they know that a great entertainment center is important to complete any RV renovation. Here, Renee shares about the renovation life and what you need to know to make your RV entertainment system as functional as it is fun—even on the run.

How many RVs have you renovated?

RENEE LOIS We are on our seventh renovation!

Because the game day isnt every day innovative solutionslike swapping in a mirror to hide the TV hookupscan give your RV living space an alternate look

What unique challenges come with renovating an entertainment center in an RV?

RL Come up with a functional design that fits you and your family’s needs. Sometimes it may not be as pretty as you’d like it, but as long as it’s functional, you’ll be sure to get plenty of use out of it. Sometimes entertainment spaces end up in a slide. Keep in mind the weight of what you’re adding to the space based on what you may have taken out. We weigh everything we take out and weigh everything we put in to make sure the rig is balanced. One other thing to consider if you are mounting a TV is figuring out whether the weight of your TV will be able to be sustained on the wall.

Any must-haves for an RV entertainment system upgrade? Which products do you prefer to use in your RV renovations?

As mentioned before, we’re installing a TV lift in an entertainment center built-in which also includes a fireplace. We love the:
• Touchstone Valueline 30003 Motorized TV Lifts
• Boss MRCP9685A Digital Multimedia Receivers
• PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert with Fire Crackling Sound

What is one thing you wish you knew before you started renovating RVs?

RL How much work goes into each renovation? Obviously, it hasn’t stopped us from doing them, but they are a lot of work; and if you’re a renovator flipping RVs fast and furiously, you’re probably missing something (or many things)

Set Up Your Reno Like a Pro

Install a Portable Satellite DISH Outdoors with No Wi-Fi. No problem

With pay-as-you-go options and a simple setup, DISH keeps you in range of the big game, no matter where you park.

Give Your TV a Lift

Touchstone Valueline 30003 Motorized TV Lift Save space and maximize function with a TV lift that makes television the centerpiece (when you want it to be) with a streamlined design. $319, amazon.com

Manage the Crowd Volume

Boss MRCP9685A Digital Multimedia Player Whether you’re bringing up the volume to game-day atmospherics or just taking a call via BlueTooth, Boss puts you in control. $370, amazon.com

Amp Up the Ambiance

Look, it’s not always about the big game. Keep the outdoors feeling close, with the warm, natural ambiance of fire— mankind’s first TV. $394 amazon.com



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