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Haven Portable 60000mAh Battery Pack/Power Bucket

Never run out of juice again with the Haven Portable Battery Bucket

About Haven

Haven't heard of Haven Ready? No sweat, that's why we're here. First, let's briefly go over their mantra when it comes to their products. Haven Ready's co-founders, Alex and Clay, make sure that all of their products meet three criteria:

  1. Works great
  2. Lasts a long time
  3. Looks sexy

If that's not reason enough to check out their gear, then we can't think of one.

Founded by an endurance athlete and and member of the military's special forces, the guys at Haven Ready have a passion for durability and functionality. They also didn't like having to shell out major bucks for quality gear. From this, they formed Haven Ready and have dedicated themselves to making excellent, long-lasting products that stand the tests and tumbles of time.

Our findings and feelings

The Haven Battery Pack is the most versatile mobile loading station that we have come across. The 60,000mAh capacity allows you to charge multiple devices at once and has enough juice to charge a device from 0-100% up to 14 times! Wireless charging is a huge advantage for those with smart phone models that come with this feature, meaning that you never have to worry about forgetting your charger or that pesky cable at home.

Versatility is the name of the game with this product, as it boasts many bells and whistles that other larger battery packs don't. It's loaded with safety features, coming equipped with 2 LED light sources with multiple functions including a flashlight and side lantern with flashing and SOS modes. Recharging the battery pack itself is easy too, via a traditional household outlet, your car's cigarette lighter or even by connecting it to a solar polar generator.

It's portable, so that means you can take it where you need it. Fill up your air mattress inside the tent; and at only 4.9 lbs, even the little campers in your crew can manage carrying it to you. Don't worry about if they drop it either, as the polycarbonate encasement and galvanized handle provide great durability.

Full Features & Specs:

  • Wireless charging mat
  • AC 110V for US devices only (do not use 220v / European devices)
  • 1 AC In Port (15V/2A)
  • 1 DC output port (12v/10A)
  • 1 USB-C input charging port
  • 1 USB QC 3.0 output port
  • 2 USB 3.0 5V output ports
  • 2 LED lights sources that include a flashlight, side lantern with flashing and SOS modes
  • 60000mah Lithium-ion Battery 222Wh Power Supply
  • Includes car cigarette lighter socket adapter
  • Works with a solar panel
  • Cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Rugged galvanized handle with a durable polycarbonate encasement
  • Size: 5.4x7.0x5.0 inches
  • Weight: 4.9 lbs

Other Haven Products

In addition to the Power Bucket, Haven Ready has some other great products that are sure to interest campers and outdoor folk; the coolest of which is probably their "Oh, Sh!T Kit", a first aid and emergency preparedness kit all in one. We're gonna be getting our hands on one of these soon, so we'll be sure to tell you about it then!

To check out all of Haven Ready's products, visit their website.

Our Rating:

There were many great things about this product, but the things that really stood out for us, besides the incredibly capacity of this battery pack, was the range of connectivity options it provides and its versatility when compared to other large capacity battery packs.

It's equipped with multiple ports that allow for everyone to charge their devices at once, rather than take a number and wait your turn like some kind of "charging deli". If you search around for large capacity battery packs, you're sure to find some much smaller and sleeker items, BUT these cost more than the Haven Battery Pack and they also don't have the added features that come in extra handy for campers, like the LED lights and solar charging capabilities.

Visit HavenReady.com

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