The 2022 I Heart RVing Gift List: High-End Edition

The holidays are upon us, which means we have an excellent opportunity to show our RV friends and/or family members how much we love them. Sometimes, spending that extra buck (or several bucks) is the way to go. If you’ve got the dough, take a peek at the following list and get ready to treat your favorite RV friend or family member (or yourself, you’ve probably earned it!). With ten categories and thirty-four products, we can almost guarantee that you’ll find something for even the toughest recipient.

#1: The Gift of Power

Charge devices, use appliances, or keep things running off-grid. No matter your giftee, they’ll find a use for any of these power stations.

RELiON’s Outlaw – $999.99
At 32 lbs, the Outlaw 1072S is light enough to bring anywhere. Keep small and medium devices and appliances charged, or power your off-grid essentials. And with multiple output ports, almost any device can plug into it. Get the Outlaw.

EcoFlow’s RIVER Pro - $479.00
With three 600W AC outlets and a 720 Wh capacity, the RIVER Pro can power up to ten devices at the same time. It also charges to full within two hours. If your off-grid friends don’t know about EcoFlow, consider this the perfect introduction. Shop here.

Want the full RIVER Pro run-down? I Heart RVing’s very own Nate Kennedy has a full YouTube review of this power station, which you can watch here.

GoPOwer’s Duracube 500W Portable Power Station (Duracube 500) – $799.99*
For durability, the Duracube 500 ranks high. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it can go just about anywhere from a tent campsite to boating on the water. And with a built in Battery Management System (BMS) your favorite RVer will have protection against voltage, current, temperature, or reverse polarity issues. See where to buy it here.

*Price varies based on seller

Cummins Onan PS200 Portable Power Station – $219.99
For uber-portability, look no further than the Onan PS 200. At 4 lbs, it’s small enough to fit in a backpack, but mighty enough to provide power for up to nine devices at a time. It also comes with a built-in flashlight! Shop here.

#2. The Gift of Airflow

The importance of portable A/Cs cannot be overstated. It may be cold now, but when your friend is on the road in six months, he or she will be relishing the sweet, cooling breeze of the portable AC you bought them.

Zero Breeze Mark 2 – $999.00 - $1,949.00*
The first real portable air conditioner. It’s the product Zero Breeze makes, and it doesn’t get any better than the Mark 2. If you need convincing, check out Nate’s review on the I Heart RVing YouTube channel. If you are already convinced, gear up here.

*Price varies by “Type”

LG 6,000 BTU Portable A/C – $339.00
For your friend with a slightly larger space to cool. LG’s portable AC operates quietly, and works in three modes: cool (traditional AC), dehumidify (for hot, stickier days), and fan (to circulate some air). Check it out here.

Evapolar EvaLIGHT Plus EV-1500 Personal Evaporative Air Cooler – $129.99 - $149.99
When they say “personal,” Evapolar means it! The EvaLIGHT Plus about 7”x7”x7”, and functions at a whisper. It also comes with an LED lighting panel that can light up any solid color to match any interior. Buy it on Amazon.

Dayuup Portable A/C 3-Speed Evaporative Rechargeable Cooler Fan – $39.99
4.7/5 stars with 144 ratings and counting! This little guy is portable, but powerful. It works on three levels: as a fan, a humidifier, or an AC. Find it on Amazon.

#3. The Gift of Cold Drinks

When camping, the best food and freshest drinks can only come from coolers crafted for the job. These portable power coolers are far more than ice in a bucket—they’re full-on smart refrigerators. And they make for smart gift, indeed.

Dometic CFX3 55 IM Powered Cooler - $1,199.99
Ruggedly built, Dometic’s CFX3 is meant to go anywhere. That’s 53L of storage, or 83 cans (we counted for you). And for maximum efficiency, the CFX3 mobile app gives your giftee complete control over the temperature, right at their fingertips. Check it out here.

Camco Outdoors CAM-750 Portable Refrigerator – 75 Liter – $469.99
Go big or go home. This is Camco’s second-largest portable fridge, and it’s big enough to accommodate two zones—one for freezing and one for refrigerating, should you desire. Also included is battery protection and interior lights! Get the details here.

Engel MR040 Top Opening 12/24V DC-110/120V AC Fridge-Freezer – $999.99
Shopping for your more marine-inclined friends? The Engel MR040 is built with a durable, corrosion-resistant ABS case, and it runs on both battery power and AC/DC, so it’s ready for any boating adventure. Check it out.

BougeRV CR45 48 Quart (45L) Portable Refrigerator Freezer – $489.99
With compressor refrigeration tech, the C45 can fully cool its contents from 68º down to 32º F in just 15 minutes. And the compressor has a two-year warranty, so you and your recipient are covered. Buy it here.

#4. The Gift of the Grill

If your grill-master pal is in need of an upgrade, give these a look. They may just repay you by grilling you up something delicious. A true win-win.

Traeger Ranger – $449.99
184 square inches of cooking space, or in laymen’s measurements: one rib rack OR six burgers or ten hot dogs. But no matter what your friend will grill, they can use Traeger’s Keep Warm Mode to be sure that their food is always ready to eat. Buy it here.

Weber Q 1000 Gas Grill – $229.00
Portability is the name of the game with the Weber Q 1000. It’s less than 15” tall and less than 30” wide, but it can still cook a whole meal in one go. Check it out here.

Blackstone Tailgater combo (Griddle + Grill) – $399.99
A true grill-master is versatile. So, give them versatility! The Blackstone Tailgater lets the griller cook up the meats on the grill box, sear bacon, eggs, or hash browns on the griddle, and then offers a direct burner for ovens, stock pots, or skillets. Get versatile here.

Camco Olympian 5500 Stainless Steel RV Grill – $229.90
Unlike other traditional portable grills, The Olympian is designed for RVs. To use, simply hang it on the mounting rail of the RV and connect it to the low-pressure RV propane supply. A true RV gift. Buy it from Camping World.

#5. The Gift of Instant Ice

What’s a frozen margarita without ice? Or iced tea without ice? We assume you don’t want your favorite RVer to find out.

Igloo Portable Ice Maker – $149.99
This countertop ice maker pops out nine small or large cylinder-shaped ice cubes in as little as seven minutes. Plus, it cleans automatically every five cycles for fresh ice every time. Get it on Amazon.

Frigidaire Compact Countertop Ice Maker – $139.99
This small but mighty workhorse can produce up to 26 lbs of ice cubes per day! And with a little through-window on the top, your recipient can watch their ice being made the whole time (if they’re into that sort of thing). Find it on Amazon.

Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker – $399.99
Ice enthusiasts will tell you about the “good ice.” If you know one of those people, this is the machine for them. The Euhomy Nugget Ice Maker makes “nugget ice,” softer, airier ice that’s easier to chew on without hurting one’s teeth. And it comes with a 1-year warranty. Buy it on Amazon.

Silonn Countertop Ice Maker Machine – $93.49
At 12in x 9in x 12in, this ice maker can fit just about anywhere. And it runs no louder than a library room. Perfect for the person looking for ice, peace, and the outdoors. A.K.A all of us. Get it from Amazon.

#6. The Gift of Safety

It’s one thing to hug someone to make them feel safe, but it’s another to get them a keyless door lock system they can count on. Luckily, the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

Bauer NE Bluetooth – $239.99
Easy to install, the Bauer NE Bluetooth uses Close Field technology to allow for easy unlocking by having a paired Bluetooth device in proximity. And yet, it comes with bank-grade encryption. Buy it from Bauer.

RVLock V4.0 – $143.99
The keyless handle with a lifetime warranty. Use either a fob or an 8-digit security code (on a backlit keypad for nighttime access) to lock and unlock, and use the fob to control multiple locks! Get it from RVLock.

Latch.it V3.0 – $189.97
This lock is 100% metal, waterproof, and ready for any excursion. It also comes ready to install in 10 minutes, with all mounting hardware, tools, and batteries included. Find it here.

MKING RV Keyless Entry Door Lock – $165.99
A heavy-duty steel double bolt does the heavy lifting for this lock. To open, your giftee has the option to use a password on a backlit keypad, a mechanical key, or a remote control. Find it on Amazon.

#7. The Gift of Shade

You can’t necessarily gift your RV friend a tree (you could, but it won’t be ready in time for the holidays if you haven’t planted it yet) but, you can give them the thing that provides shade and comfort in their RV: window coverings. And there’s really only one place to get them: Magne Shade.

Magne Shade Custom Windshield or Window Cover – *price varies based on product*
Magne Shade has a slew of RV coverings, including winshield shades, EZ Fold Tire Shades, Mirror Covers, Wiper Covers, and more. If there’s a part of your RV that can be protected, Magne Shade has you covered, literally. Oh, and they can be customized. Shop Magne Shade.

#8. The Gift of Extension

Is your RV friend a natural host? Or maybe they have a big family that they bring with them? Help them spread out with a screen room or extension tent that will comfortably fit everyone they invite to the next outing, including you!

Dometic Veranda Room – $190.15
Double your friend’s living space and get the area protected from flying insects. The Dometic Veranda Room is 10 feet tall, fast-drying, and compatible with automatic or manual awnings. Get it from Walmart.

Carefree 291200 Vacation’r Screen Room for 12’ to 13’ Awning – $766.02
An installation this easy deserves the name “Carefree.” No drilling, no dealer installation, no poles, no rafters, no permanent fasteners. It just attaches directly to the awning. Find it on Amazon.

The Villa Enclosure from ShadePro – $629.00
The Villa Enclosure adds 140 sq ft to your living space and is available for 12V electric or manual awnings ranging from 10 feet to 21 ft. It’s the “room that fits!” Order it from ShadePro.

Solera 362231 Patio Awning Family Room – $611.89
The Solera will fit 10’-21’ awnings, and comes with weatherproof, polyester panels, as well as privacy panels for complete peace pf mind. Get it from Amazon.

#9. The Gift of TV that Travels with Them

If you’re friends or family aren’t the type to miss their favorite team play while they’re on the road, then flexible TV is the ultimate gift. And if you know I Heart RVing, then you know we heart DISH Outdoors for all TV needs. So much, in fact, that you can take $50 off any DISH Outdoors antenna bundle with code IHEARTRV.

DISH Outdoors Antenna Bundle – $50 OFF with code: IHEARTRV
It’s TV anytime, anywhere. Your recipient won’t need Wi-Fi or a cell signal to watch, and with Pay-As-You-Go plans, they’ll only pay for the months they use (unless you’re extra generous and cover the first few months for them). Use the IHEARTRV discount here.

#10. The Gift of Sound

Luxury is felt in all the senses—the beauty of an interior, the smell of fresh food, the touch of soft furniture, and the sound of clear, crisp audio. These RV soundbars provide fulfillment for the last item.

Furrion RV Soundbar – $199.99
The Furrion is specially engineered for outdoor listening, comes with a built-in subwoofer, and includes a 1-year warranty. Get it here.

Bose Smart Soundbar 600 – $499.00
Not just any soundbar—a Dolby Atmos soundbar, with Alexa built in! Plus, TrueSpace technology analyzes and elevates the content your recipient listens to in order to create an I”mmersive, multi-channel experience.” Find it on Amazon.

Jensen Indoor RV Soundbar – $107.36
This one is the gift of sound that is always available. The Jensen Indoor soundbar is designed to be mounted inside the RV, so it’s always hooked up and ready to play. Get it from etrailer.com.

Fusion 100W Soundbar – $209.99
Don’t be fooled by the name: the Fusion has two 100W dome tweeters, which adds up to deliver 200W of powerful, high-quality audio. It installs onto any flat surface with no cut out required. Buy it here.

Happy holiday shopping! If you’re in the market for more budget-friendly gifts, check out our list of last minute gifts!

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