Dometic Launches Their Lightest and Quietest AC to Date

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This week, Dometic announced FreshJet 3 Series, “the latest innovation in recreational vehicle (RV) air conditioning.”

Designed to offer RVers pleasant and comfy days and restful nights, the FreshJet provides greater airflow and coach-wide air circulation with whisper-quiet operation. Dometic’s new AC is only 65lbs, making it 14% lighter than previous Dometic Brisk II ACs, and helping to reduce the load weight of the RV.

The FreshJet Series 3 uses less power consumption (28% less refrigerant, to be exact!) and cuts perceived noise level by a third compared to previous models.

Oliver Bahr, President of Segment Americas at Dometic, said, “We want people to think of Dometic first when it comes to innovation and design of RV air conditioners. We know people look for three primary requirements of the AC: cooling capacity, powerful airflow, and quiet function. We’ve listened to our end users and put those changes first with this new design.”

According to Dometic, the FreshJet platform is modular in nature and provides the foundation for future Dometic ACs to be built on.

The FreshJet Series 3 will be available to consumers at the end of November 2022.

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