Enjoying All Kinds of Space in the FR Berkshire

Step into the Class A Forest River Berkshire coach, the feature-loaded rig that’s ready to play! The FR Berkshire comes in three models: the 34B, the 39A, and the 40F. Each floor plans offers a slightly different layout and a different size, increasing from 35’5” all the way to 41’0”.

All three models are nicely segmented—the living room, galley and bedroom all feel distinct without compromising space. With a few subtle wall and/or cabinet arrangements, each area feels well-thought-out. But no matter which size or layout fits your needs best, all of the following precision-performance features come standard!

First, the steering wheel. On the Berkshire models, the steering column was adjusted 7 degrees down towards the driver for better comfort and seating position. All three floor plans also come with a cockpit bed that drops down from the ceiling above the seats, creating a perfect spot for sleeping or extra storage. At your feet (if you’re the driver) the original floor mount pedals have been replaced with suspended pedals, offering a more familiar automotive look and operation.

Behind the cockpit is a spacious living area. Both the dinette and sofas convert into even more bed space, though if you desire, the sofa can be replaced with a theatre-seating option. (If you really want to enjoy that 43” TV, we recommend the latter). To complete the entertainment setup, a JBL Soundbar All-In-One now comes with all Berkshire models.

Moving back toward the rear from the living room, you’ll find an electric fireplace in all three models leading into the galley. Once you’re in the galley, you’ll notice something immediately. Solid surface counter tops. Lots of them. The 39A floorplan even has a pull-out counter extension for even more counter space. The kitchen also houses a residential-sized refrigerator, a convection microwave, and tons more overhead cabinet storage in a beautiful hardwood cherry finish. Across the way from the kitchen (and its glorious counterspace) is the bathroom, featuring an improved, larger shower.

At the rear of the rig is the bedroom and the king-size, silt-a-view bed. The tilt-a-view lets you tilt the front end up for easy reclining, reading, and TV viewing, or back for a when it’s finally time to get some much-needed rest. In the far corner from the bed, the Splendide washer and dryer stack neatly behind a cherry wood cabinet—a must for those long hauls where you need to recycle some clothes.

The features continue in the non-living areas as well! In the baggage compartments, you’ll find more lights (so you can actually see when you’re digging for the toothbrush you left down there). And on the rear of the coach is an enhanced back-up camera (hard to overstate how important this one is, especially for the 41-footer floorplan).

Last, but certainly not least, all Berkshire models wouldn’t be complete without the Convenience Package: a keyless-entry keypad, a 100W solar panel for extra, renewable power, and a WiFi Router and Range Extender for a strong internet connection anywhere. The kicker? This Convenience Package comes standard.

Head over to Forest River to learn more about the Berkshire floorplans and to see the full list of features.

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