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Smart Buys: YETI Camino 35 Carryall

Bottom Line Up Front

YETI makes tough stuff, but sometimes a cooler’s unyielding dimensions can be unwieldy in a space-limited environment. The YETI Camino 35, though, is stuffable, collapsible, and most importantly, immensely fillable—a breath of flexible fresh air. Just don’t expect it to keep stuff cold.

Full Review

YETI’s stranglehold on premium outdoor gear is well-established, but they’ve historically been more friendly to truck beds and boats—without much of a push into the space-friendly confines that RVs create. (For more tips on maximizing space, see Page 25.) The Camino, released last year, was a step in a nicely flexible direction. What’s most surprising about the Camino line might be that it’s not a cooler. The manufacturer lists it as an everyday bag, and specifies multiple times on their product page that it is not, in fact, a cooler. But like all YETI products, the thing is practically indestructible, made of a material called ThickSkin. It’s waterproof, too—just not at the top, which is open and lacks a zippered closure to keep liquid out.

For RVers, the best feature might be its ability to take an extreme licking and keep on ticking, as everything from handle stitching to MOLLE loops are built to withstand the toughest outdoor recreational demands.

Features We Love

Tons of Carrying Capacity

OK, almost a ton. YETI claims that the bag has been tested up to 1,500 pounds of weight—more than enough gravitational bandwidth to carry whatever you need for your next adventure.


While the lack of a top zipper means the bag isn’t technically waterproof, it’s still dang near impenetrable. Lake clothes, muddy adventure gear, and more will all be safe inside the Camino.


The notoriously rugged manufacturer offers a three-year warranty, which ensures that this rugged everyday bag will be your go-to packer for long into the future.

Effortless Style

YETI is the Airstream of coolers—everything they do has a swagger to it. This everyday carry bag isn’t just classy, it would look equally at home on a male or female shoulder.

Get the tote-all package. Buy at YETI.com.

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