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11 Essentials for Next-Level Glamping

My father always told me that anything worth doing is worth doing better than everyone else. And whether you’re rocking the pull-behind pop-up or cruising in a roomy Class A, you can still fill it with luxury, especially when you’re out in the wild. Get your well-coifed paws on any of these 11 products to put more glam in your glamping.

Everdure Cube™ Grill by Heston Blumenthal

Designed by a U.K. celebrity chef who’s actually more chef than celebrity, this charcoal grill is slightly bigger than a couple six packs, and it’s stunning. Because the only thing better than cooking over an open campfire is cooking over a charcoal grill that makes you look like James Bond flipping burgers.

$200, amazon.com

QWNN™ Solar Lantern and Mobile Charger

Glampsites are easy to track by night from the glow of their hanging lights—and we love ‘em. But glamping better than everyone else requires lighting that’s better than everyone else’s. The QWNN’s built-in solar panel with mobile charging station is up to the task.

$110, solight-design.com

1 Box of Your Finest Wine, Please

Sometimes it’s worth plunking down the cash for that spendy vino label. But wine is all about context. And nothing says perfect-for-the-glampground like a box of the good stuff. Smaller carbon footprint? Check. Less wine to go sour after you pass out in the camp shower? Check. Pro tip: Ditch the box, and you’ve got a bag of wine—way easier to stuff in your backpack.

$20 (3L), La Vieille Ferme Rose

DISH Outdoors

Nature’s oh-so-natural glamour adds to any weekend getaway, but it doesn’t have to subtract from your entertainment options. At least not with the DISH Outdoors service from DISH Network. Connect an antenna that's easy to install on a simple tripod to an easy-to-use receiver, and you'll have nationwide coverage that gives you access to all your favorite DISH channels, pay-per-views, and live sports, no matter how deep in the boonies you are. No more need to worry about a Wi-Fi signal—just which new Olympic sport you're going to get into or how many campground friends you're going to invite to your college football tailgate. There’s also a DVR upgrade available so you can bring up to 100 hours of HD content with you. Bonus: Unlike most entertainment options, you don’t have to sign a contract, and can turn the service on and off as needed—perfect flexibility for part-time glampers. Equipment bundles start at $350.

Double bonus: I Heart RVing readers get a special deal on DISH Outdoors. Visit DishOutdoors.com/IHeartRVing to grab one before your next trip.

Better Undies

Truth be told: Lots of glampers aren’t seasoned outdoorspeople. Better underwear can make the difference where it counts—in the comfort zone. And when you’re 5 days in on a 7-day glamp session, it’s going to count. MeUndies can shape a perfect cut for your butt.

$18-$32, meundies.com

A Posher Mattress

There is one really great reason not to sleep in your space-friendly rig: the splendor of the night sky. Still, there’s no reason to skimp on the place you put your weary heiny down for the night. Do yourself a next-morning favor and pitch your tent with the Aria twin inflatable air mattress, so you can fall asleep under the stars and also not wake up with your neck on a tree root.

$103, amazon.com

Bauer NE Bluetooth

A big part of glamping is stretching your legs. After all, you have some pretty sweet vistas to see. So when you head out for that Instagram-worthy hike, make locking up all that sweet, glamping gear easy. The Bauer NE Bluetooth can pair with your mobile device to lock/unlock your RV at the touch of a button.

$240, bauerproducts.com

Benchmade 140 Nimravus®

When you’re heading out into the wild, leave your fancy spring-assisted every day carry blade at home. Instead, you’ll want a fixed-blade, full-tang model for reliability in a wider range of applications. Benchmade’s 140 Nimravus is equally ready for a 12-ounce Kobe filet, a freshly snared woodland creature, or a fresh Vidalia onion to go with either. Because even when glamping, you need to stay sharp.

$210, benchmade.com

JOMO French Press

Sure, your Breville espresso machine doesn’t fit in the Airstream, but you don’t have to sacrifice your familiar wake-me-up. Complete with silicone sleeve and travel bag, this posh French press makes a dang good cup of joe. Sure, it’ll take more time than Folger’s instant coffee, but hey, you’re glamping. You’ve got all the time in the world.

$34, jomocoffee.co

Zodi ZIP™ Hot Shower

Just because you haven’t upgraded yet to that Thor Motor Coach you’ve had your eye on (see Page 72) with a shower the size of my pantry doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a hot shower outdoors. Heated with propane and a hose for limitless supply from a natural water source, Zodi’s ZIP Hot Shower gets you back to being fresh and clean-clean.

$140, zodi.com

A Bitchin’ Playlist

Glamping is really a state of mind. And we’ve got you (and your mind) covered. Listen to our I Heart RVing playlist on Spotify for the classiest road jams this side of the Appalachian Trail (whichever side you’re on).

Listen Here!

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