From the pages of I RVing: Fall 2021

Two Ways to Vegas

How to RV each oasis by day and immerse in the neon dreamscape by night

THERE IS A PATCH OF ROAD that runs through the desert of night. Compelled by nature’s pulse for unmet desire, it races eastward down its darkened course. The road descends into the valley, and descends into visions of a man-made paradise.

Here, that highway once lit only by headlights spirals into illuminated splendor, where blank road finally bursts into ribbons of light.
Welcome to Las Vegas. A city with many names, Las Vegas is the Neon Capital of the World. Sin City. The City of Second Chances. It’s the notorious Capital for Gambling. And marriage, too. But trust us: Even racing northwest up Interstate 15, there are two ways to RV Vegas.

Whether you’re seeking to convene with nature or zipline through a light show, the city has some thing for every passenger of every age—no matter the size of your wolfpack. Take a journey with us by day—and by night—into the dazzling world of this diamond in the desert. No matter which course your RV takes, we’ll give you the scoop on the best places to stay, visit, and experience in Nevada’s most famous city.


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