Halloween Hacks For The Spookiest Holiday at the Campground

Still scratching your skull for ways to celebrate Halloween on the road? Dish Outdoors is here to save the day… or night, rather, with their top three spooktacular activities that kids and kids at heart will love.

BOO your neighbors.

Half the fun of Halloween is the joy of being out and about, seeing the joy in your neighborhood (or campground!), and sharing the lighthearted spirit of the holiday. Stop by your nearest grocer, general, or discount store to pick up plastic pumpkin buckets, then stock them with sweets, treats, and a bottle of wine for parents or hot cocoa for the whole family!

Then, don't wait for the fun to come to you. Instead, make your holiday mobile, taking your candy show on the road, giving out treats along the way to all the fellow campers you find. Living or otherwise.

Scavenge and Hunt.

Spark some friendly competition at the campground by creating a site-wide scavenger hunt, inspired by family-friendly movies. Plant a wand from everyone’s favorite wizards, a "book of shadows" from the witches up in Salem, and some sweet vampire treats (i.e. gummy teeth!) from the best citizens in Transylvania.

Maximize the community factor by inviting others to the party, whether that’s in the scavengers or with the hiding spots.

Get Crafty.

There's no better excuse to hang out with friends and neighbors than making something sweet to eat. Line picnic tables with craft paper, grab your ingredients, and let the kids get ghostly creative with marshmallow spiders. Get some jumbo marshmallows, icing (to make the decorations stick), pretzels, licorice, and other stick-like treats for the legs. Sprinkles of all shapes and sizes for markings, Lemonheads, Skittles, and M&M's for eyes. The more creative the ingredients, the more creative the creepy crawlies!

Then, drop an invite with your Boo Baskets, and tailor an outdoor movie marathon with films that inspired your scavenger hunt. Put your favorite spooky flicks on while you raise your colony of spiders (or mummies, witches, and wizards, oh my!), spending all Hallow’s Night with entertainment by Dish Outdoors to make the celebration complete.

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