From the pages of I RVing: Spring 2023

Spring Breakout

A playlist to take on the run with those windows down.

Bruce Springsteen, “Born to Run”

No, we didn’t just pick the Boss for his last springy name. The pace and passion of his road lyrics are palpable—rides through mansions of glory, highways jammed with broken heroes. We know

that love is real.

Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”

Oh, Tay, Tay has so much to say, say: “But I keep cruisin’ / Can’t stop, won’t stop movin’ / It’s like I got this music in my mind / Sayin’ it’s gonna be alright.” Try not to sing along. I dare you.

Shania Twain, “(If You’re Not in It for Love) I’m Outta Here!”

Like a savvy camper, Shania knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to walk—or drive—away from the unworthy. Let’s make it clear: We’re in it (our RV) for love.

The Temptations, “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”

Papa, the Temptations tell us, was not very well-behaved. (Shania might have had a few words for him.) But making a home wherever he laid his hat, we get that.

Willie Nelson, “On the Road Again”

Some music makes us feel instantly at home. (Especially while we’re driving our road abode.) Credit Willie Nelson for fitting into that category. It’s why we’re the best of friends.


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