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One Red-Hot Handle

Talking with the campers we love and follow on social media

Nate Kennedy, “Ask Nate” from the I Heart RVing YouTube channel, doesn’t just video-review sweet RV gear. He also rubs shoulders and shares meals with some of the biggest names in overlanding. (More about that on Page 58.) One of them is the legendary Bill Burke—a competitor for the 1991 Camel Trophy, driver of commercials, limit-tester for Toyota, and 4×4 trainer of countless pros and amateurs alike. So, we did a little “Ask Nate” ourselves to get the scoop on Bill. But then Nate did one better: He interviewed him.

Nate says, “I had lunch, and created this video, with Bill Burke because, first off, I love that guy and his cooking, and I want to give our readers a great story about how RV living can be a part of a life, but also help create and define a life.” And what a story it is.

What overlanding looks like

I, following my camera, in a Land Rover. Hammock camping on the Lake Superior Circle Tour, stringing a hammock from a Rover to a tree in the mountains and beaches of Puerto Rico. It’s been me taking pics of [my former business partner] Ricardo filling differential fluid under a truck on the hot pavement at a parts store outside of Mexican Hat. Mostly? Getting to places where you meet great people living interesting, fascinating lives, and doing whatever it takes to cook great food along the way.

On being trained by Bill Burke

Recovery, navigation, wilderness medicine, off-roading, and situational awareness—Bill’s an expert that doesn’t make you feel like you don’t know things at his level. He gives his knowledge like you’re someone who’s worth it, whether you’re a beginner or a military-trained pro. Bill puts on SPF 1-Billion and faces the sun so you, as the student, can have the sun at your back. But he’ll let you know if you’re doing something wrong, because that counts and he makes sure you know it counts.

What Bill has been doing with

Warner Vans and Storyteller Bill’s been working with Warner Vans and Storyteller Overland on multiple-day trips near Warner’s HQ in Utah. They’re helping van owners understand how
to safely and confidently be self-sufficient while overlanding in their cool new rigs. Through private experiences, and events like the Rocky Mountain Adventure Rally (RockyMountainAd ventureRally.com), Bill gives owners of these beautiful vans a serious look into what it takes to discover and explore terrain they might not have even known was available.

Scrolling the Virtual Campground


The expo is a visual feast of all-terrain teardrops, tent campers, and new paths being forged with trucks, trailers, and off-road toys.


Navigating an RV into the heart of nature preserves to capture wildlife on camera is an absolute dream. And @my_rv_wildlife is living it!


Chuck and Yvonne’s Newmar New Aire is an absolute object of envy. But how they use it is even better. From weird sightings to Alaska and colonial forts on Lake Champlain, they’re seeing it all.


Michael Guagliardo is an up-and-coming YouTube phenom, chronicling the overland life. But no one can steal the spotlight from Stanley, his French bulldog.

Most Played TikTok

@ _OURJOURNEYTOHAPPINESS This made us laugh! (But, seriously, see Page 30 if you’ve gotta do it.)



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