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Gone Girl

4 self-care tips for girl campers going off-grid

We all have a version of our life that we like to imagine. And some days (let’s be honest here), it looks a lot like these girl campers on Instagram. Because they have it figured out. They look cool and independent in their sleek Class Bs, having fun in the most beautiful (and remote) places on earth. We know this because they also take the most incredible selfies. (Naturally!) What would it be like to go off-grid alone like that? Well, here’s the good news: Nature is an equal opportunity employer. If you’re a girl camping newbie, you can start part time with a rental. (No Instagram followers necessary.) Just save some dates, pick a pretty location, and pack up. Experience will teach you almost everything. (That’s the fun part.) But here are a few key tips to take off-grid.


Solo camping in and of itself is a big step, so be honest with yourself about it. (Otherwise, you’ll have yourself to blame.) When was the last time you went camping? Ages ago? Never? Start at a campground with a full hookup (water, electricity, waste) and a decent bathroom. More experienced? Go for the nearest dream destination. Then plan your logistics.


Your gut feeling matters. Listen to it. If something or someone feels off, trust your intuition—even if it means you have to let good manners go to the wayside. You don’t have to put up with (or be polite to) strangers, especially if you think it might put you in an uncomfortable position. Most campers are kind and courteous, so you shouldn’t expect a problem.


Being out alone can be scary and lonesome when it’s new. But campers are a friendly (and super helpful) community. Talk with your neighbors. Lots of them. Chat with their kids. Adopt a group of friends or a family that’s camping near you. Not only will you enjoy their occasional company, but you’ll have some people nearby willing to help if you need them.


No, your mom didn’t find me and made me write this. (My mom did.) Seriously though, it doesn’t matter that you’re a woman (or a man): It’s always wise to maintain outside communication. Even just to say that you made it from A to B. That doesn’t mean posting your camp location on social media every hour. Post the photos afterward (and make us all jealous).



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