Dreaming of a White…Interior

Is it too early to start dreaming of a holiday treat? After catching a glimpse of DRV Mobile Suites’ newest model, the Orlando, we say no.

First and foremost in DRV Mobile Suite’s latest 44’ floorplan is the inclusion of a front bunkhouse and a rear master suite. In the front bunkhouse, you’ll find two twin beds and a long built-in desk—perfect for the remote worker or families (or both if your kids doing homework qualifies them as remote workers). The desk sits between the twin beds, offering separate, personal space for each bed. The bunkhouse even has its own wardrobe, TV, half-bath, and washer/dryer hookups.

At the other end, the master suite boasts DRV’s largest full bathroom, tall ceilings (over six and a half feet!) and a roomy wardrobe that will fit everything you need for those long hauls.

Between the bunkhouse and the master suite, you’ll see a kitchen stocked with residential-sized appliances, a full washer, a coffee nook, and a full-height pantry with ample storage. For maximum openness, the kitchen and living room are designed as one cross-conversational area, so it’s easy to talk to one another from the galley to the sofa (or catch the game while you’re cooking). The very same living room comes with seating for four, including two reclining seats, an entertainment center, and a fireplace for ambiance—accessible at the touch of a button.

This setup is sweet, but the luxury lies in the décor. And DRV does not skimp. The Orlando comes with an Italian White interior that gleams from galley to captain’s chair. Matched with granite, luna, or truffle sofas and cream countertops, and you may as well own your own 5-star resort room! And on the outside, DRV Mobile Suites is debuting new paint schemes, including Havana Moon (blue/gold/cream), Cobblestone Cove (deep gray/light blue/white) and Denali Ridge (black/silver/gray).

The DRV designers said it themselves: “We’re always looking for ways to improve the luxury and residential feel of our RVs,” said Andrea Graves, Director of Design at DRV Luxury Suites. “Design styles change over time, which provide a great excuse to refine the aesthetics of our RVs to suit modern tastes, and make room for new features we know our customers will love.”

Continue dreaming about the MS Orlando here.

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