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Get the Kids on the Gravy Train

8 great ways to keep your kids entertained, whether you’re on the road or mashing the potatoes

YOUR BAGS ARE PACKED. The RV is prepped. You can almost smell the turkey. All good reasons to think you’re ready to hit the road for the holidays. But slow your Thanksgiving roll. Have you planned for the most unpredictable variable in your travel plans? You know: your kids. We recommend you double-check that packing list to make sure you can keep your tiny pilgrims occupied on the road and over the holiday. Check out our cornucopia of ideas to keep the kids busy—and the adults sane. Trust us, you’ll be thankful.

Prep some printables

When the internet isn’t busy being the worst, it can actually be the best. Before, you head out, visit a few sites like ArtsyFartsyMama.com and LivingWellMom.com, and print some puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities that your kids will love.

Transform a pinecone

Is there anything more versatile on the forest floor than the trusty pinecone? Not if you’re trying to make turkey from scratch. Encourage your kids to use their imagination with a combination of natural items that they find and supplies that made the trip with you.

Store your supplies.

Keep all of those printables and supplies organized with some easy-to-open storage boxes from Amazon. Totally worth the money to avoid markers rolling under your feet from Texas to Michigan.

Decorate with nature

Once you arrive at the campsite or grandma’s house, give those kids a job—table decor! No need for a fancy centerpiece when you have everything you need right outside the RV. Just make sure they’re pulling from nature and not … you know … someone’s garden.

Stuff the volume

If you’re a tablet or device family, invest in headphones for your backseat passengers. Even the most patient of RV parents can only handle the sounds of Minecraft for so long. Stuffing the volume from the outset will make a quieter—more sanity-filled—ride.

Leaf an impression

Making leaf prints with (washable!) paint is a great way to get your kids outside and using their creative side. The prints can be used for name tags, cards, or just serve to kill some time.

Start a scavenger hunt

Send your kids on a wild goose chase of your making. The beauty of this activity (and being an adult in general) is that you make the rules. The scavenger hunt can be as long or as short as you want it to be. Need time to brine the turkey? Looks like we suddenly have an urgent need for acorns, kids!

Get the kids involved in cooking

After the crafting and centerpiece-making, don’t be afraid to get those kids in the kitchen. Research has shown that kids who help prepare a meal are more likely to try new foods that they helped prepare. So pull up a stool and don’t worry about the mess. The holidays are about family after all!




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