Best Tailgating Tips

Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

You don’t wait till game day to start working your red zone offense. Nor should you wait until Saturday morning to smoke your butts. Champion tailgaters save Saturday morning for football and prep the night before. That means researching rules of the game if you’re tailgating as a visitor, like whether grills are allowed, or what time you can set up shop. It means packing the truck. It might mean tossing a marinade on some chicken wangs. And it definitely means double checking mandatory items like charcoal or the propane tank.

Up Level Your Accessories

Even a rookie knows to bring the grill tongs. A champion tailgater gets the little things right, too. Toss these in your game bag, and you’ll be ready for whatever the day throws at you: Handiwipes for the chef. Extra coolers—no one wants to reach for a cold one and grab a handful of that marinating chicken. Extra fuel. Foil for leftovers. And trash bags, because like any great RVer, if you pack it in, you pack it out.

Think Low and Slow

Like a great running game, sometimes the best options take time. Unlike a steak, which requires high heat, but has mostly only one payoff, a great pork roast has nearly infinite options. Tacos. Pulled pork. More tacos. Hoagies. Leftover tacos. Plus, you can prep it the night before, cook it nearly all night long, and toss it in a cooler where it’ll stay warm for the long game, and get even more time on Saturday morning where you want to be: Not sweating over a hot grill.

Stack the Game in Your Favor

Just like Tom Brady did when he (probably, allegedly) deflated all those balls, there’s no reason to leave your tailgating experience to chance. And since the quality of your tailgate is directly proportionate to the quality of people you’re sharing it with, consider your guest list the ultimate play call. Because the right supporting players is what really drives a great performance.

Polish Your Pregame

You’ve prepped appropriately. You’ve curated your experience down to the custom seasoning on your Boston butt. Now, for a real champion level experience, tune into the pregame festivities via live TV, no matter where you are. With a portable satellite dish from DISH Outdoors, you can have a live look at all the best commentary, pregame news, and last-minute injury updates. Or even catch a pre-game game to get in the spirit. That’s the power of live TV anywhere. And with features like pay-as-you-go, no-contract payment options, and self-aligning satellite dishes (like the DISH Tailgater Pro), it might be the easiest call of the day to make.

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