From the pages of I RVing: Winter 2022

Beach Camping

With the right prep work, you can get hot and sandy and still keep your chill.

Follow these 6 tips and blow your next trip out of the water

Give your unit a wax

Both sun and sand are hard on paint jobs. Protect yours from damage by making sure you’ve got a good wax on before arrival, keeping your paint shiny and smooth like the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

Pack a broom

No matter how often you rinse, you’re going to get some sand in places you don’t want it. And sand can be a much bigger problem that regular old dirt. Come prepared with a broom and/or a handheld vacuum solution.

Book your stay early

Campgrounds everywhere are filling up faster than ever, and they’re not making any more beach-front property. Planning ahead might be the difference between a beach view and a view of the backside of the guy who has a beach view. Never good!

Consider off-peak travel

The farther north you go, the more important it is to visit during the hotness. But off-peak Florida is a hidden gem. Non-existent crowds, it’s warm and sunny almost every day, and prices are much more reasonable. You just won’t be doing as much beach swimming.

Bring a friend or four

The beach is inherently more social than lots of other RV spots. Consider leaning into that made-for-friends quality and inviting some of your best travel buddies. Or make some new ones! The beach is best when shared.

Prep for wind

Windy days are no big deal if you’re ready for them. But one word of warning: A still morning doesn’t mean the day will stay that way. Each time you leave your RV (and at night) secure things like awnings and anything outdoors that isn’t tied down


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