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The Power of Do Not Disturb

These portable power sources keep the serenity up and the decibels down when you’re off-grid.


You didn’t drag yourself across the map, negotiate the RV down that switchback (see Page 56), and park in your own pristine corner of nature to listen to the music of BWAANNH. But if your generator isn’t designed for “do not disturb,” that’s exactly what you’ll hear, no matter how far out you go. Luckily though, you have better options. Whether it’s a portable inverter generator designed to keep the peace or the silence of solar power squeezing the juice out of the sun, alternative solutions are available to lower your volume in the boondocks—without having to put all your wattage-powered comforts to the wayside.

Gas Power, Without the Growl

Being off-grid is about stripping things down to their essentials. (See ya, constant AC.) So while you could opt for a larger, louder, more powerful generator, we recommend you don’t. Instead, calculate the wattage of the items you need to power while roughing it. When you get down to the basics (running appliances, charging your phones), you’ll find you can manage nicely under 2000W while primitive camping. Harnessing the ever-ready and user-friendly muscle of gas, portable inverter generators like the HONDA EU2200I 2200-WATT (dBA 47 to 58) and the CHAMPION 2000-WATT ULTRALIGHT (dBA 57) are great options. Both models measure less than 20 inches in length and weigh less than 47 pounds—which means they’re easy to store and easy to carry. Best of all, they have decibel
ranges quieter than a normal conversation (67 dBA), freeing you to take in the delicate sounds of nature around you.

Solar, the Power of Silence

Not everyone is able to strip down their noise signature to nothing because not everyone has solar. If you’re happy to be not everyone, you can power a superlight footprint with portable units like the DuraLite 100-watt Solar Kit from GoPower! Easy to store with a setup that takes minutes, the 10-pound solar kit comes a 30-amp charge controller, cables, and everything you need to charge up your battery. Powered by nature itself, a solar kit frees you to hear nature just as it sounds, to experience it just as it is. Which is, after all, the whole reason you’re out there.

Get your AC and fridge on the generator without worrying about starting power.

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt Super Quiet

► DIMENSIONS: 20 X 11.4 X 16.7 IN

► WEIGHT: 46.50 LBS


► WATTAGE: 2200.00 WATTS

► DBA: 47–5 8

► PRICE: $1,199.00 ON AMAZON

Champion 2000-Watt Ultralight

► DIMENSIONS: 17.3 X 11.5 X 17.7 IN

► WEIGHT: 39.00 LBS


► WATTAGE: 2000.00 WATTS

► DBA: 53

► PRICE: $427.73 ON AMAZON

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