A Master Tour to Drive the Greens

Top tips on where to park and play as you RV golf’s four majors.

Every golf aficionado dreams about attending a major. What would it be like to see a new champion don the green jacket at the Masters? Or how would it feel to cross the Atlantic for the oldest golf tournament of them all: the British Open? With three of the four majors in the U.S., RVers have better options than most to make those dreams come true each year, as they drive their rigs toward the hallowed greens of the majors. (Just like Jordan Spieth, right?)

And you can join them. Here, we’ll give you our top tips to achieve that elusive transatlantic grand slam—or at least start working toward it.

With your RV, the good news is that you already have lodging taken care of for you and your favorite foursome. The only questions that remain are where to park and where to play. (And whether Tiger Woods has another major in him.)

The Masters Tournament starts this week, so let’s tee off.

Masters Tournament

April 6–9, 2023, in Augusta, Georgia
Augusta National Golf Course

Why Go: Despite being the youngest of the majors, the pageantry—and drama—of the Masters is unparalleled. It’s the stuff of literal legends. And the beauty of the course in Augusta just might be unsurpassed. (Gary Player even likened it to heaven.) Which is why the Masters is the only major to be played on the same course every single year. (You can keep track of the leaders this week here.)

Where to Park: Your best option is Heritage RV Park, but you’ll need to book early. If you’re slow on the draw (yes, the Masters is this week), Mistletoe State Park is a little further out but still a great campsite.

And Where to Play: Just a short drive 23-minute from Heritage RV Park, The River Golf Club (Par: 71; Slope: 129; Rating: 73.1) lies on the right bank of the Savannah River. The Jim-Fazio-designed golf course is breathtaking—which includes the siren calls of numerous water hazards.

PGA Championship

May 18–21, 2023, in Rochester, New York
Oak Hill Country Club

Why Go: Of the four majors, the PGA Championship is the only one reserved for professional golfers. And unlike the Masters Tournament in Augusta, which is played at the same venue every year, this major rotates across some of the most premier courses in the United States. This year in Rochester will mark the fourth time Oak Hill Country Club has hosted the event.

Where to Park: Twilight on the Erie RV Resort is near Oak Hill Country Club—about 22 minutes east to be exact. The campsites are beautiful, verdant, and peaceful. There’s even a quiet time from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m.—so you can achieve perfect Zen before you tee up on the Links at Greystone (11 minutes away).

And Where to Play: The Links at Greystone (Par: 72; Slope: 130; Rating: 74.3) are not to be missed. A public course with 5-star rating from GOLFPASS, the Scottish-style track is full of delights—with an unrivaled 18th hole finale that takes you downhill and over water.

Want to Watch the Upcoming Tournament?

U.S. Open

June 15–18, 2023 in Los Angeles, California
The Los Angeles Country Club

Why Go: The U.S. Open is often called “the toughest test in golf” for a reason: The tournament chooses some of the most challenging venues in the States. (So, if you want to see great players just fight for par, this is your tourney.) It’s also the major that ball-strikers usually perform the best—so you can expect to see some incredible drives.

Where to Park: Hollywood RV Park gives you the perfect full hookup directly between the U.S. Open at The Los Angeles Country Club (22 minutes away) and your secret spot at Rustic Canyon (33 minutes away). The family-owned park creates a relaxing respite, which you may need … depending on how your golf game goes.

And Where to Play: With the all of L.A. crowding the city courses at Griffith Park, take a side-step to the northwest and tee off at Rustic Canyon Golf Course (Par: 72; Slope: 133; Rating: 73.4). Wide-open fairways are flanked by cacti-covered canyon hills and set the perfect stage for the strategic drama of a Gil-Hanse-designed course.

The Open Championship

June 16–23, 2023, in Wirral, England
Royal Liverpool Golf Club

Why Go: Stateside, we like to call this one the “British Open” … but we’re the only ones who do. To the rest of the world, it’s “The Open,” golf’s oldest tournament and most coveted trophy. The venue rotates through some of the British Isles most scenic courses, where players have to make old-fashioned shots to get onto some of the sport’s most revered greens.

Where to Park: This is international, and there’s more than one way to skin this cat. We recommend renting a “campervan” (Class B) or “caravan” (trailer), and parking at the Arrowe Brook Farm. That would put you 12 minutes from “The Open.” But if you want to just Uber over and camp out in one of the deluxe tents at The Open Camping Village, we’ll still give you honorary RV points.

And Where to Play: Two of the bonuses to going the rental route? One: getting to tell all your friends about the time you RVed in England. And two: having transpo to tee up at incredible venues like Houghwood Golf Club (Par: 71; Slope: 132; Rating: 71.2) with its large greens among the Welsh Hills.

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