Beddy’s Charleston Luxe Zipper Bedding for RVs

TURNING A NEW SHEET can be tough when you’re giving up something you love. But the old way of making the bed in our RV ain’t something we love. How about this: We hate it. There’s not an awful lot of room to maneuver in even the most luxurious of cabins. And getting your RV bedding just right is a pain in the neck. (Forget even thinking about hospital corners.)

Apparently someone at Beddy’s got the memo, and what a difference their zipper-bedding design makes! It’s easy—like your-husband-can’t-screw-this-up easy. We’re talking kids-can-do-it easy. Flat out: It’s a luxurious function for any space, but especially so for a tight space. But speaking of luxury, that’s a corner Beddy’s refuses to cut. The Charleston Luxe’s sheik appearance is only matched by the “Oh my!” sensation it leaves you with, whether you’re lying under the sheets or on top of them.


Classic Cotton Exterior

Cotton used to run ads about “the touch, the feel of cotton.” For a reason. It’s been blowing minds since it had everyone ditching wool in the 1500s. Today, it’s just as light, cool, and comfortable on the bedspread.

Minky Microfiber Sheets

If cotton has been around for centuries, minky’s modern, high-quality microfiber only feels like it. Literally. Because it feels like silk. Which is perfect for when you just want to tuck into your bed like a cocoon.

Zippers Make Things Easy

We’ve said it, and we’re going to keep saying it: Beddy’s smooth-gliding zippers make making the bed insanely easy. (The zippers also go way down too if you’re one of those folks that likes to kick a leg out.)

A One-Piece Wonder

We’re all used to the painstaking process that bedding has taught us. You have your mattress cover. Then your fitted sheet. Then your bedsheets. Then you comforter. NO MORE. Beddy’s has it all-in-one.


See Why It’s a Zip! Shop at Beddys.com.


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