Omnia’s Little Do-It-All Portable Oven

Meet the Omnia Stovetop Oven

The Omnia® is the best kind of portable stovetop oven: one with a can-do attitude. Just pop it on your stove or another heat source and voilà! Instant oven. Quite simply, if you can do it in a regular oven—heat, bake or cook—you can do it in an Omnia. The Omnia requires no installation. Plus, it works with a variety of heat sources, so you always have a convenient, versatile way to prepare your favorite foods.

Given the oven’s Nordic origins, that outdoor, use-whatever-heat-source-you-can ethic makes a lot of sense.

From the Land of Vikings

No one is quite sure when the Omnia first saw the light of day. And there are a few different legends about how the idea came about and was realized. (We like to imagine a bearded, ice-clinking warrior suddenly emerging from the snow to a campfire with the only the Omnia and one word: “FEAST!”) Outside of legend (and our imagination), what we know for sure is that this little oven has been around a long time and is hugely popular in Sweden and other countries. There’s evidence that its design has been around since the 1940s. Probably even earlier.

Stovetop Oven Accessories 

The Omnia oven can be equipped with a variety of smart accessories. Everything from nonstick solutions to carrying cases. There is something for everybody, and Omniasweden has a goal to keep up the pace of inventing new, cool accessories to the Omnia Stovetop Oven. 

Check Out the Extras

Portable Recipes for Your Stovetop Oven 

Of course, you don’t need special recipes for the Omnia. The Omnia is so versatile, you can use your old favorites or try one you find a new one online. BUT we must admit that there are a lot of fun recipes you’ll probably miss out on. (In fact, there are whole groups on social media dedicated to sharing tips and tricks for Omnia’s Swedish-style oven.) If that sounds like your kind of thing (wow, you’re sounding cooler all the time), get a hot start and find inspiration with the Omnia cookbook—complete with delicious recipes and beautiful pictures. 

Let’s See Those Recipes


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