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Stargazer 12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

This cast iron is worth its hefty price. We put it over the coals, and it sizzled. Amazing campfire flavors and an easy cleanup

The Right Tool

makes outdoor cooking—one of our favorite RV activities—even better. Eggs and bacon (we love you, too, sausage!) in the morning? Or a bone-in ribeye slapped in butter over the coals for dinner? The Stargazer 12-inch skillet shatters every expectation. You can sauté some asparagus too (in the bacon grease). The curved shape of the handle disperses heat to keep it cool and holdable way longer than seems safe. Even with its large 12-inch size, the weight is perfectly balanced so you can comfortably be the boss of whatever you’re cooking for the family, especially if you’ve got a grip on the helper handle.

Stay-Cool Handles

The dual connection points on both the primary and helper handles allow heat to escape. Add the curved shape of the handle for balance and heat dispersion, and you can hold on … well, till you can’t.

Ideal Dimensions

Here are the deets: rim diameter, 12 inches; cooking surface diameter, 9.4 inches; length, 21.5 inches; height, 3.5 inches; depth, 2.3 inches; capacity, 3.4 quarts or 13.8 cups; weight, 6.5 pounds.

Drip-Free Flared Rim

Stargazer has done away with the traditional pour spout and introduced a drip-free flared rim, which means clean pouring from any angle. So, less spillage—cause you don’t wanna lose a drop of flavor.

American-Made, Baby

It’s made in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania cast as one piece, with the cooking surface machined smooth for a true non-stick pan. Buy preseasoned or bare—to—season with your own special style.

Enjoy Camp Cooking at Its Best Buy at StargazerCastIron.com



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