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Looking for a new way to locate campgrounds? (Us too). Perhaps an app that is proven and reliable? Check out CampersCard the next time you need to plan an RV trip.

What is CampersCard?

CampersCard is the newest RV Campground discount program for campers. This program is for RVers, tent campers, and even car campers. The goal of CampersCard is to build out the largest network of campgrounds in all of North America, which offers its members special pricing, rewards, and perks.

Why Is CampersCard Good News For Campgrounds?

CampersCard is good news for campgrounds for multiple reasons. First of all, if your campground is a part of the CampersCard network, it will get exposure to over 800,000 active RVers that are just waiting to book a stay at your campground.

Additionally, CampersCard members are active RVers that spend a lot of time on the road, book stays regularly, and are used to campground protocols. They are great guests, and they are looking to build memories at your campground. Plus, a lot of them are active on social media, and will potentially promote your campground if they have a great stay experience.

Lastly, the program doesn’t cost a campground anything. It is 100% free to campgrounds. All CampersCard asks of these campgrounds is that they offer a discount and/or an enticing benefit to their Members.

Why Is CampersCard Good News For RVers?

CampersCard is great news for RVers too! CampersCard members will be offered discounts to the largest network of campgrounds in North America—as well as other amazing benefits and discounts.

While every campground creates its own offers, CampersCard members can expect special offers like early check-in, late checkout, discounted nightly rates, and much more. These offers make camping easier, more flexible, and ultimately more enjoyable.

Why Haven’t I Heard of CampersCard Before?

If you haven’t heard of CampersCard before, that's ok! It is a brand product from one of the fastest-growing companies in North America. CampersCard is a part of the Harvest Hosts family.

And as a part of the Harvest Hosts family, you can expect the same great quality, communication, and value from CampersCard as you get from Harvest Hosts. CampersCard is actively growing its database of campgrounds to provide you with the best experience and value in the industry.

How Can CampersCard Help Me Save Money?

CampersCard is first and foremost a discount program for its members. This program will give campers discounted rates and/or other incentives. The other incentives are things like discounted amenities, flexible check-in/checkout times, and other benefits too.

Why Should RVers Use CampersCard?

There are so many reasons to use CampersCard. But here are a few of our top favorites!

1. To Save Money

RVers will save money with CampersCard. While each campground can offer its own specific discounts and incentives, RVers can definitely save money with a CampersCard membership.

2. To Make Life Easier

If you’ve ever used the Harvest Hosts mobile app, you know how intuitive and easy to use it is. It makes everything super simple and straightforward. Well, the CampersCard app will be just as easy.

CampersCard is the easiest-to-use campground discount and perks program available. Its aim is to be the largest network of campgrounds in North America. And they have other fantastic features due to their connection to Harvest Hosts.

3. To Make RVing More Enjoyable

There is nothing worse than idling in a parking lot waiting to check in to your next campground. With CampersCard, many RV parks are offering early check-in as a part of their incentives for CampersCard Members.

The Harvest Hosts, CampersCard Connection

Because these two brands are one company, you might think about how easy it is to navigate your RVing life. Plus, you’ll be traveling around from small business to small business to see the passionate people that keep North America thriving.

With Harvest Hosts giving you stay options between campgrounds and CampersCard helping you with all of your campground stays, you’ll never have to leave the Harvest Hosts family of products.

And, if you’re a Harvest Hosts Member already, you can get 25% off a CampersCard membership.

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