The Hitch Without a Hitch

Without the right hitch, your home on wheels can’t go very many places. With the wrong hitch, you’ll go places, but probably not the ones you want to end up at.

Let’s start on the right path with weight distribution hitches. Proper weight distribution is vital for hauling a smooth ride. Improperly distributed weight when towing is hard on your vehicle and is not safe to drive with. Using a weight distribution hitch does…exactly what the name describes: evenly distribute the weight from your trailer tongue (the V-shaped bars on the front of your trailer) to the trailer and to your vehicle axles so your payload isn’t forced entirely on your rear vehicle axle.

With a weight distribution hitch like B&W’s Continuum, you reduce up-down motion, eliminate the risk of swaying (side-to-side motion), increase your tow capacity, exercise more control over your vehicle, lessen the wear on your vehicle and trailer, and enjoy a much stabler ride.

Note that weight distribution hitches are not meant for every trailer. Typically, however, travel trailers fall into the category of heavier trailers that do require weight distribution hitches.

So, which weight distribution hitch should you get?

A lot of weight distribution hitches take an all or nothing approach. But the B&W Continuum hitch is designed differently. Their composite LITEFLEX® bars are lighter and five times more flexible than steel while maintaining similar strength, so you can fine-tune your setup with the pump of a handle. These same LITEFLEX bars will also cover between 600 and 1,600 lbs of trailer tongue weight. The B&W Continuum hitch also enacts immediate and continuous friction to prevent swaying, and a preset head angle along with a pressure gauge enable easy and repeatable setups. And the bonus? The setup is all done on the driver’s side.

Check out the Continuum Weight Distribution Hitch at B&WTrailerHitches.com and take advantage of their free shipping!

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