A Fifth-Wheel Hitch Worthy of Your Haul

Your most important purchase after acquiring your fifth wheel is likely the hitch you’ll use to tow it. Luckily, we have a recommendation: Gen-Y Hitch. Specifically, the GEN-Y Hitch EXECUTIVE Fifth Wheel Pin Box replacement with a Gooseneck Coupler.

This USA-made product is strong, comes with a Manual or Auto Latch Coupler and Cable, and offers Torsion-Flex Technology that provides drivers with a safer and smoother traveling experience.

First off, the Gooseneck pin box allows you to hook your fifth wheel to your truck with a gooseneck ball, eliminating the bulky Fifth Wheel from the back of your truck and freeing up more space for your stuff! According to Gen-Y, the Gooseneck pin box is the popular choice over the fifth wheel hitch.

Second, the Torsion-Flex technology is the real deal. The built-in suspension system reduces up to 90% of inertia between truck and trailer which will minimize chucking and jerking while offering shock absorption to protect from harsh bumps. Gen-Y customers have also praised the EXECUTIVE Fifth Wheel Gooseneck Pin Box for its contribution to their vehicles fuel economy and reduced tire wear on trucks and trailers.

It's basically the ultimate towing experience. And it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Learn more and order yours today at www.genyhitch.com

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