A teardrop camper with a bathroom.

Top 5 Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms for Ultimate Outdoor Adventures

One of our favorite trends in camping is teardrop trailers. They’re easy to tow with a variety of vehicle types. Because they’re so compact, they’re also easier to store and easier to find a place to camp. One of the biggest drawbacks, though, is often the lack of a privy. When nature calls, you have to find a place to go. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a teardrop camper with a bathroom, you won’t be disappointed. There are options and some good ones at that. 

Types of Teardrop Campers

Teardrop trailers first gained popularity on American roads shortly after World War II, though they were invented decades before. The first examples were often DIY campers that were built with surplus military vehicle parts, such as framing, wheels, and tires. Sadly, by the late 1980s, many people started thinking “bigger is better,” and these smaller campers had faded into history. 

Fortunately, today they’re once again gaining popularity due to their affordability, fuel efficiency, and easier to maneuver, park, and store size. While teardrop trailers do come in a variety of sizes and even shapes, in general, they have a single axle and are lighter weight (less than 3,500 pounds). 

The smaller size is perfect for people who just want a warm place to sleep for a long weekend of outdoor adventures. But many new models also provide surprising comfort and fantastic features.

Traditional teardrop campers have a specific “teardrop shape.” They typically come with interior sleeping quarters along with a rear hatch that provides a place to stow gear and a galley kitchen, with a small sink, cook stove, and space for a cooler or small refrigerator. Most come with a battery-operated electrical system and perhaps a small freshwater tank. Some even have solar panels to power the unit.

What they typically don’t come with is an indoor bathroom—wet or dry. 

Non-Traditional teardrop campers come in more sizes and shapes (e.g., rectangular) and may provide more cargo space and other features. They do, however, stick with the “traditional” weight limits. 

The final category of teardrop campers blurs the line between teardrops and small travel trailers. These self-contained versions tend to be a little larger and can provide additional features like a dinette, extra seating, and a separate sleeping area. They may also have more kitchen space, though they remain rather minimalist. 

Whichever variety suits your preferences, there’s no arguing that they can provide more comfort and security than tent camping. And some provide nearly all of the comforts of home while maintaining their sought-after fuel efficiency and affordability.

What Advantages Are There for a Teardrop Camper with a Bathroom? 

Since you’re reading this blog, you are already well aware of the benefits of having the privacy and comfort of your own potty when away from home. 

You may, however, want to have a minimalist rig that can be pulled with just a medium-sized SUV, lightweight truck, or perhaps a crossover. Perhaps it’s just for you, you and your partner, or a small family, and it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy. 

Still, there are big benefits to having an onboard bathroom. This is especially true if you’ll be boondocking or camping anywhere that doesn’t have convenient facilities.

What Kind of Bathroom Amenities Are Typically Found in Teardrop Camper Models 

If you’re looking for a bathroom facility that compares to a large, luxurious RV, the teardrop camper may not be for you. After all, teardrop campers are traditionally more compact. 

But if you just want to make sure you have somewhere to go when natural calls, you can find a variety of different options in teardrop trailers. Some have a simple composting toilet. Others offer a wet “bath” to wash off any grim after a fun day outdoors. Others actually have a small yet full bathroom.

The Best Teardrop Campers with Bathroom

Now that you know bathrooms can be found in teardrop campers, what are the best options? Here are five of the most popular:

  • Tab320S Teardrop Camper has the iconic teardrop shape but modern design, including a well-equipped galley kitchen, wet bath with cassette toilet, and convertible dining/sleeping area—perfect for one or two people for a weekend getaway or extended camping trip. It even has solar panels and a battery to power up. Yet it’s lightweight at 1,848 lbs dry, so it can be pulled by an SUV or light truck. 
  • Aliner Grand Ascape ST plays with an untraditional, traditional teardrop shape and is super lightweight (1,650 lb dry) yet comes with everything you need for your next RV excursion, including an enclosed shower and toilet combo, outdoor shower, queen-size bed, fridge and 2-burner stove, and even a flat-screen TV. All in just 14 feet of well-designed space.
  • Xtreme Outdoors Little Guy Max will help you max out your camp space with hardwood cabinets, a queen-size master bed, fully-equipped kitchen, and yes, a generously-sized wet bath with a marine-style toilet. It’s one of the most popular teardrops due to its roomier interior and abundance of sought-after features, including an entertainment system and A/C and furnace. It sleeps up to 3 and starts at 3,010 lbs. One of our favorite features? The windows that open fully + convenient awning to let the outdoors in.
    If you want to go smaller, this brand also offers a MiniMax that’s only 2,320 lbs and still provides superior craftsmanship, smart details, and a wet bath. 
  • Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus is lightweight, compact, and efficiently designed for any adventure into the great outdoors. In addition, the Plus models come with a wet bar, queen bed, equipped kitchen, and extra storage. The smaller version (15’6”) starts at just 2,040 pounds. The 17 BH has even more room with 18’ and 2,360 dry weight. And of course, it also comes with a private wet bath with a shower/toilet enclosure inside.
  • iCamp Elite: A lightweight (2,366-lb dry weight) that sleeps up to 3 and comes with a queen-size bed, reasonable kitchen, and surprising amount of storage space. This unique teardrop with a lot of personality also comes with a marine toilet in a small but fully functional bathroom with shower. 

Are Teardrop Campers with Bathrooms Worth It? 

Depending on your family size and preferences, teardrop campers with bathrooms make a great option for your next RV adventure. Best of all, they’re lightweight, so your current vehicle will likely be able to tow it easily. You’ll also likely be able to find better parking and storage spaces due to the smaller size. And best of all, when nature calls, you’ll have a convenient, private place to excuse yourself to. Plus, you’ll have a place to freshen up after even the most arduous adventure before you climb into your safe, warm bed.

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