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Tentsile Trillium Hammock & Safari Stingray Tent

We think Tentsile makes some of the coolest tents out there

About Tentsile

You may not be familiar with the UK based Tentsile, but if you like tent camping--backyard, mountainside, or as a way to get the kids outside of your RV so you can have it to yourselves--you absolutely have to check it out. We could probably come up with some great prose to share what they're all about, but we will let this video from their YouTube channel show you.

Our Tentsile Trillium and Stingray Trial

We purchased the Trillium XL 6-person hammock and 3-person Safari Stingray tent... and... we stacked them. The multi-floor, suspended system is actually really easy to set up, loads of fun, and honestly just super cool.

The first time we climbed in we did admittedly listen for creaks or clangs to make sure we were secure. We had decided to go as high as we could, because of course that's what you do, so it would have been a hefty drop. Tentsile's set-up system is easy to understand and determine that you're latched safely, so we felt totally secure immediately.

There was plenty of room for two adults + two kids in the 3-person tent; though we have only slept three at a time. The first attempt was a bit askew, but luckily Tentsile has made several how-to videos that show you how to make adjustments and make it more even. After a couple tweaks, we had it pretty level.

We have not hit a limit on the hammock yet--we need to invite more people over! We did get a bit worried about rain collecting in it and about the elasticity of the fabric, but these hesitations were dismissed once we dumped it and it bounced right back to shape. A few grommets to allow water to drain through might be a good addition for future versions.

Tentsile Products

Tentsile has lots of versions of both their tents and hammocks, as well as a number of accessories to make them even more fun. There is even a model that floats--we can't wait to try that one out! A few suggestions--make sure to add a ladder and drink holder because you want to be able get up easily and, well, you know. You can also get extension straps if you need to, but the ones that they come with are pretty long and we found it relatively easy to find suitable trees for anchoring.

You can check out all of their products at Tentsile.com.

Our Rating:

You know it is going to be good because we don’t put products on here that we don’t love. But to make it official, we love Tentsile! We reached out to them to let them know, and they said to pass along this discount code to all our RV and camping fans. Use this link and this code IHEARTRVING10 to save 10% on all Tentsile products.

Visit Tentsile.com

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