The Vehicle for Ad-van-ture

Though it may be hard to see through the clutches of winter, there’s a new season of adventure on the horizon. There will be new campgrounds to explore, new rivers to paddle, new dunes to climb, new mountains to hike. You’re ready to get out there. And there’s a 2023 van that’s just as ready as you are.

The Pleasure Way 2023 Tofino is built to support agile travel and an active lifestyle—even with just the standard features. At 17.75 ft long, the Tofino is on the smaller end, but it cleverly packs in just about everything you need. Starting with an overhead bunk.

Lift the manual pop-top in the 2023 Tofino, and you’ll discover a 49” x 72” overhead bunk! Accessible by a retractable ladder, this cozy sleeping spot opens living space in the galley kitchen and works great for sleeping one or even two smaller family members. In addition, the overhead bunk includes USB charging ports, remote lighting controls, and zippered vents with Sunbrella® roof tenting.

The overhead bunk isn’t the only place for cozy evenings. At the rear of the van sits a convertible sofa-to-queen-bed. Set upright, the sofa adds two lap belts for extra passengers during the day. In the evening, passengers can lift and easily lay the sofa flat to find the 54” x 72” queen bed! Built into the walls next to the bed are net pockets for extra storage, as well as dimmable LED lights on the ceiling for maximum coziness. The sofa is accompanied by a movable table with a tripod base that works great as a dinner table and doubles as a station for doing work on the road.

In the very back of the van you’ll find what makes the Pleasure Way 2023 Tofino so perfect for adventurous living: 70 cubic feet of rear cargo storage, from floor to ceiling. Passengers can store bikes, golf clubs, and almost any unique equipment for their activity of choice right here. No need to worry about the weight limit either. The 2023 Tofino can haul a full 2,000 lbs worth of people and cargo! And just in case you think you may have something that doesn’t quite fit inside the van? There’s a spot for that item too—on the roof.

One of the available exterior upgrades for the Tofino is a heavy-duty steel roof rack. If you’re hauling some bigger items, this option will free up plenty of interior storage space. For those using the van in more serious conditions, Pleasure Way has the off-road package: Black Rhino Midhill wheels and Toyo Open Country A/T III all-terrain tires. These additions will provide maximum traction, a long tread life, and excellent durability across all roads and terrains.

The 2023 Tofino has loads more features, including an LP BBQ Quick Connect, a side-door rollup screen with magnetic closure, and two Go Power! solar packages.

Check out all this van has to offer at PleasureWay.com.

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