A Treat for Your RV Patio

Unfurl an upgrade to your RV patio space. The Magne Screen™️ RV Awning Drop Shade by Magne Shade®️ is the ultimate solution for a cooler and more comfortable RV experience. The Magne Screen is thoughtfully designed for automatic RV awnings to enhance the camping journey and create a more inviting campsite.

This ingenious solution eliminates the need for acrobatics on ladders during setup, which makes installation a breeze. The patent-pending design emphasizes simplicity and functionality, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the RV's awning system.

The standout feature of the Magne Screen is its ability to detach from the motorhome awning if it automatically retracts. Each Magne Screen RV Awning Drop Shade comes with tethers on both ends, which should be secured to a suitable anchor. Once the RV awning begins to automatically retract, the Magne Screen separates from the awning and gently lands on the ground. This intelligent system ensures the awning's performance remains uncompromised.

Beyond its functionality, the Magne Screen is meticulously crafted with top-quality materials in the USA. The durable 70%-UV-blocking fabric offers a cooler space beneath the awning. Bid farewell to scorching heat and bothersome glare on your outdoor RV TV—the Magne Screen has you covered.

Upgrade your RV patio space or learn more at MagneShade.com.

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