Cozy Cruising: Gulf Stream Coach’s Comfy Motorhome

It’s about time you booked a cruise. We’re not talking about one of those mega boats (though they are cool), we’re talking about a cruise across America’s scenic highways and byways, through city streets and the great outdoors. For this magnificent journey, we’d like to introduce your potential partner vehicle, the Gulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser.

At 96” wide and keeping a low profile across all seven (yes, seven!) floorplans, this motorhome can go just about anywhere. Its cozy size is built for two passengers to enjoy, but it has space and amenities for the occasional guest. And it comes fully prepared for tailgating and other outdoor events (which is perfect, as football season is just around the corner).

The BT Cruiser’s floorplans range in length from 22 to 29 feet, and each of them present beautifully to the eye on the interior. Stepping in, you’ll be greeted by “grotto” or “fog” interior décor (a.k.a exceptionally pleasant textures on the walls), wood grain or white cabinetry, and soft-pleated privacy shades. Your BT Cruiser will also have a 6 cu. ft. 2-way double-door refrigerator and a 3-burner range with an oven in your galley (talk about top-of-the-line appliances!), plus a skydome and power bath vent in your bathroom. Essentially, everything you’d need to prepare for—and unwind from—a day of adventure.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, the BT Cruiser floorplans offer four options. Pick from a jackknife sofa (a sofa designed to also be used as a bed, available on three floorplans), a murphy bed that stores vertically against a wall to become a sofa (one floorplan), two twin beds (one floorplan), or a 60” x 74” queen bed (two floorplans). Your choice of bed is a key factor in the amount of free space available in each floorplan. For a more open-floor concept, the queen bed arrangement on the 5245 floorplan would be your winner, though if you prefer personal, individual sleeping spaces over room to roam around, the 5210’s double jackknife sofa arrangement would be your solution.

Some of the BT Cruiser’s features simply stand out on their own. These are the ones that catch our eye:

Cab-Over Entertainment Center: All floorplans (except the 5240) come with a TV mount in the center above the cab, providing you with a comfortable view from anywhere to enjoy your favorite shows and movies.

Ducted Roof Air Conditioner: The BT Cruiser boasts a radius (curved) roof with AC ducts (13,500 BTU), as well as a 25,000 BTU furnace in four floorplans, so you’re good to ride in all temperatures.

Azdel Composite Sidewalls: The BT Cruiser's sidewalls are constructed with Azdel composite, which is 50% lighter and highly resistant to rot, mold, warping, and delamination.

Advanced Construction: For everyone’s safety, BT Cruisers are built with “Cradle of Strength®” Construction, which includes box trusses, a steel subfloor, and other reinforcements, all riding on the rugged, reliable, and fuel-efficient Ford 350 or E450 chassis. And for your leveling convenience, the Cruisers come with an option for a power leveling jack.

Exterior Environments: The BT Cruiser comes with an electric awning with LED lighting, providing a perfect spot to relax and entertain outdoors. Plus, it’s also got an outdoor hot and cold shower.

Back It Up Better: In-dash color monitor, side-view cameras, and backup cameras keep your behind on track.

Detailed Luxury: Your experience is felt in the details in the BT Cruiser. For instance, when you close a cabinet, you’ll hear the quiet clink of the magnet on all your storage doors. You’ll also feel at home with all stainless-steel appliances as your everyday tools.

So, how about that on-land cruise? Check out all of Gulf Stream Coach’s BT Cruiser floorplans and features here. If you're looking to buy your first motorhome, check out this resource guide today!

Curious about the on-land cruise experience? Explore Gulf Stream Coach’s BT Cruiser floorplans and features here to start your journey. And if you're stepping into the world of motorhomes for the first time, don't miss out on this comprehensive resource guide to making an informed choice.


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