Lippert Launches New Anti-Lock Braking System

Calling all adventure enthusiasts and passionate travelers! If you love hitting the road with your trailer in tow, then safety should be your top priority. That's why Lippert, the leading manufacturer of RV components, has introduced an amazing anti-lock braking system for trailers that will take your towing experience to a whole new level.

Unmatched Towing Safety

The Lippert Anti-Lock Braking System™, or Lippert ABS, is not your average towing product. It has been developed from the ground up to provide unmatched control and confidence on the road. No matter what type of trailer you have - be it a travel trailer, 5th wheel, cargo trailer, or equestrian trailer - Lippert's ABS system offers a state-of-the-art safety platform that ensures your trailer brakes work harmoniously with your towing vehicle.

Cutting-Edge Integration

The integration of this cutting-edge technology with your trailer's existing braking system delivers optimal performance and reliable braking power. Whether you find yourself navigating slippery mountain roads or facing sudden stops, the ABS system responds instantly, preventing wheel lock-up and maintaining stability. You'll have exceptional control over your trailer, even in challenging terrains, providing you with towing safety like never before.

Enhanced Control & Stability

With Lippert's ABS system, you can say goodbye to the risks of fishtailing or jackknifing. Even in emergency braking situations, the system prevents wheel lock-up, giving you the peace of mind you need. You'll enjoy enhanced traction and control, enabling you to bring your vehicle and trailer to a safe stop without any worries.

Unwavering Reliability & Customer Support

Lippert is renowned for its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and the ABS system is no exception. Built to last, it offers durability and unwavering reliability throughout all your towing adventures. And if, by any chance, you encounter any issues, rest assured that Lippert provides comprehensive customer support, assisting you every step of the way.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to take your towing adventures to new heights with the Lippert ABS system. It's time to prioritize safety, integration, control, and ease of use. With Lippert, you'll have an advanced solution that empowers you to tow with confidence and peace of mind.

Curious to know more about Lippert ABS? Head over to their website and get ready to revolutionize your towing experience. And remember, the Lippert trailer ABS system is currently available on Grand Design RV models, including select 2022 Reflection, Momentum, and Solitude units. Check with your local RV dealer for availability on specific units. Happy towing!

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