Off-Season Maintenance: Keeping Your Freshwater Tank…Fresh

Seasoned RVers know that preparedness is a major, major aspect of RVing. You plan your trips, your routes, your campsite destinations, your food, and so on. So, as the RV “off season” tiptoes closer, you may be thinking about prepping your RV for storage and cleaning. And if you’re thinking real far ahead, your checklist may extend to how you’ll de-winterize your RV next spring.

There’s much to do, but you can check off care for your freshwater tank system, because we have a winning solution for you—tested and used by none other than our very own Advertising Exec, Laurie Zak.

Laurie put CLEAR2O®’s TankFRESH™ Water Tank and System Flush to the test in her RV, and she got nothing but clean water and satisfaction. Before we detail why it’s awesome, what is TankFRESH™ and what does it do?

CLEAR2O® TankFRESH™ is a series of three products for treating your freshwater and tank. The TankFRESH™ Tank & System Flush (TFG3128- gallon) is a bleach-free formula designed to sanitize, clean, and deodorize your freshwater tank and system. It will eliminate taste and odor issues—especially that sulfur smell—from tanks, giving you a clean freshwater tank before your RV goes into storage or for when you’re prepping your rig for the first adventure of the season.

The TankFRESH™ Fresh Water Treatment (16oz – TFF1016) is added directly to your freshwater to maintain your water and prevent any organic growth for up to 90 days. TankFRESH™ also comes in a more concentrated Shock Treatment that can be used to treat more severe taste and odor issues that can arise in your tank.

For Laurie, it helped her and her family maintain fresh drinking water throughout the season and use fewer plastic bottles as a result. And all it took was five very easy minutes to use. It was so easy that Laurie used it every time she filled her freshwater tank. All in all, the TankFRESH™ system passes the RV “word-of-mouth” test. That is, Laurie would recommend it to any camper.

Laurie used TankFRESH™ periodically throughout the season, but you can use it to clean and prep your RV’s freshwater tank for winter, or stock up and be ready to clean your freshwater tank for spring! One gallon of CLEAR2O®’s TankFRESH™ Tank & System Flush biodegradable formula treats 100 gallons of freshwater tank capacity. The Fresh Water Treatment treats 20 gallons for each ounce added and Shock Treatment treats 10 gallons for each ounce added to your freshwater tank.

And it’s made right here in the U.S. of A by a family-owned company, focused on bringing clean water to all RVers.

Learn more about CLEAR2O®’s TankFRESH™ product line and grab a some to prep your rig for the winter season.

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