Beyond Paint: A True DIYer Paint Product that Far Exceeded My Expectations

I’ve been painting for over 30 years. Walls, indoor and outdoor furniture, decorative pieces, you name it, I’ve probably painted it. Recently, I moved into a house that was built in the 70’s. Every wall and cabinet needed to be painted. And although I don’t mind painting walls, I dreaded the process of sanding, cleaning, and priming every cabinet in the bathrooms and kitchen. I caved and decided that I was not going to do the kitchen—the cabinets in there would have to remain as-is. (Full disclosure, the kitchen cabinets are actually quite beautiful. They’re just not a color I would choose.)

So, imagine my curiosity when I received an email from Beyond Paint about their product—a paint that required no sanding nor priming prior to painting—essentially a paint-‘n-go! I’d never heard of them, and a paint for furniture and cabinets that required zero prep other than a good surface cleaning seemed too good to be true. To the internet I went! Once my sleuthing uncovered largely positive reviews, I thought it was time to put Beyond Paint to the test.

How It Went Down

Beyond Paint originally emailed I Heart RVing to introduce their paint to our audience. They felt it would be great product for DIY RVers who wanted to freshen up their RV interiors. Since I had planned to paint my cabinets at home, I asked if they wouldn’t mind sending me a few color samples to test. I would buy the one I liked, put it to use, and probably write a review of their product.

I wasn’t prepared to love it as much as I did.

So much so, that after painting one set of bathroom cabinets, I decided that my kitchen cabinets were a worthwhile endeavor after all.

After sampling three colors, I chose Nantucket for my small bath vanity. Color is tricky when viewing online, but the match was very close on this one. Beyond Paint currently offers 19 colors, and I recommend buying and testing samples before making your final selection.

Brush-In-Hand Revelations

The paint is thick in consistency (a.k.a a high viscosity, for you geology lovers), and one coat covers more area than typical paint. That is, I was able to complete one coat on almost the entirety of my bathroom cabinet (2-doors, no drawers) with just the sample. As I applied and finished the first coat, I grew concerned about the coverage as it was quite streaked, but once I applied the second coat, the cabinet was fully covered and smooth.

Beyond Paint self-levels beautifully and it helps hide small dings and scratches. If you have larger, deeper dings and scratches, you’ll want to repair them prior to painting. Long and short, once dried, the finish on this paint is amazing. It is sold as a matte finish, but it does have a very light sheen—less than a satin finish, but a little higher than a true matte finish. In my opinion, it is the perfect finish for a cabinet and furniture. But, it’s not just me–everyone who has seen my painted cabinet is amazed at how beautifully it turned out.

Additional Notes to Keep in Mind:

  1. The Smell. I saw complaints online about this. I worked in a small bathroom, and although Beyond Paint’s product was a little more formidable on the nose compared to other paints, it did not overwhelm me. However, if you are sensitive to strong smells, you will want to ensure a good ventilation setup and/or wear a face covering.

  3. The Tools. Beyond Paint recommends using a 3/8-inch nap roller on as much of the surface as possible and a soft bristle brush for corners and crevices. I used a high quality, soft bristle brush on my entire cabinet. I tried a roller specifically for cabinets (not the 3/8-inch nap) and I wound up with quite a few bubbles. The bubbles were supposed to go away, but I decided to continue with my brush. It was a small job, and using the brush was easier for me personally. For areas around the hinges (if you don’t remove them) I recommend a small, soft bristle craft brush.

  5. The Price. Beyond Paint is not cheap at first glance. But, keep in mind that you don’t have to buy sandpaper or primer. A can of primer clocks in at $35-$50 a gallon, and a gallon of regular high-quality paint is around $45-$65. And if you factor in time as a cost (which you should), using Beyond Paint takes a LOT less of your time than the traditional method.

  7. Durability. Still to be determined. Beyond Paint states it may take up to 30 days to fully cure. After 5-10 days it scratched fairly easily. By day 20, I was still able to scratch off a layer with some pressure from my fingernail. As of this writing, it’s now been about 40-50 days, and upon a scratch test earlier today, the paint held in all areas and remains in pristine condition. I simply touched up the few scratches I made when I tested for durability earlier on in the process.

Final Brush Strokes

I love this paint. I would still like to allow another month or two to test the durability (kitchen cabinets get LOTS of wear and tear), but based on my current use and results, I definitely recommend Beyond Paint for your next DIY.

Check out Beyond Paint’s full line of colors here.

Disclaimer: Once I notified Beyond Paint that I loved their product and would be doing a review for I Heart RVing, they offered to send me a gallon of any color of my choice. I chose Linen.

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