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The Western Monarch’s Majestic Migration

AS BURSTS OF BLACK AND ORANGE break loose from the branches above Pismo Beach Grove, you just might gasp. Flitting their wings by the hundreds and thousands on a warm Autumn day, a host of Western Monarch butterflies fill the air. Nor are these tiny migrants native Californians. Like you, they are long-distance travelers. And like you, instinct draws them to warmer climes in the colder months. Sure, you’ve seen a Monarch butterfly before with its unmistakable Fall colors. But never like this. In this place, the atmosphere is alive with the soft murmur of innumerable silent wings.


There’s something unmistakably autumnal about it. The black and the orange. Butterflies falling like leaves. Seeing the Monarch migration is one of those moments where nature feels so personal. Just get your timing right. The season peak hits around Thanksgiving. Also, if you want to see them cluster on eucalyptus branches, go in the morning. But if you want to see them in flight, go on a sunny afternoon when the temp is at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.


Just off the scenic seaside California State Route 1 (aka “Highway 1”), the Pismo Coast Village RV Resort is a brief two-minute drive from the Monarch Butterfly Grove and within walking distance of the beach.


October to February

♥ I Heart Tip

Bring your kids! Ask the state park staff if they have any caterpillars and chrysalises that they can show you.



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