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The Ultimate Test Drive

Warner Vans is dedicated to your adventure van experience from setup to secret trails. By Nate Kennedy

Mercedes Sprinter van conversions are hot right now. Real hot. Like hotter-thanUtah’s red-rocks-under-anoon-sun hot. They’re great for driving, on the road and off. And they’re exquisite for camping. All you have to do is get in one and drive off in the canyons, right? Wrong. And the truth is that no one knows that fact better than Warner Vans in Salt Lake City. Which is why they’re doing something unique for customers after the sale. They call it The Warner Way. I spent some time with Tony Warner, and Tony says The Warner Way is about making sure their clients find a van that’s the right fit—then giving them the know-how to max it out for a lifetime of outdoor adventure. Here’s how The Warner Way works.

Day 1 Get set up with an expert

Warner Vans keeps several vehicles on site specifically for clients to check out and test drive. There’s also a van rental facility on campus, so potential buyers can give multiday, in-the-wild experiences a try. Three nights of rental payments can then be credited towards ownership. You get a vehicle run-through with a rental, but with a purchase, you get a series of two in-depth orientations-complete with a go-to expert tech and maintenance contact. On Day One, they help connect your smartphones to the system,
show you how–and why–to engage 4WD controls, run power outlets, flip fuses, check battery status, and even check/change the fresh and black water. How to turn on the air conditioning? Check! And those secret, secure storage boxes? How to raise the bed?
Check, and check!! With The Warner Way, you get a good idea of how to operate the vehicle top-to-bottom and be able to play your favorite podcasts or playlists (like ours on Page 9). Night one, they suggest camping in your driveway. That’s right—at home. That way, you can try everything you just learned, and figure out, in real time, the questions you still have.

Day 2 Take a test drive A real one

This is next-level and unique in the entire RV industry. When you’re out on an adventure—your first-day trip or just a few overnight trips down the road—a bunch of in-the-moment questions and issues always come up. But with Warner Vans, you’re not alone.
The Warner Way program sends a rep along with you. Seriously, a real human in their own van, on standby, to answer any question, at any hour. The rep can stay on the other side of the campfire or a few miles away. Your choice. But they’ll be on call if something in your van has you stumped. Maybe it’s turning the front seats around for the entertainment zone, extending the awning, and turning on the exterior lights. Doesn’t matter. Double bonus: Warner also has extensive knowledge of the best trails to travel. Their experts have explored the Southwest with the best guides, and have all sorts of routes planned so you can go from wherever you are to wherever you’re going safely. That’s off-pavement or on the interstate, through incredible backcountry. That’s exactly how these vans are built to travel—with you feeling safe, confident, and a little more awesome.

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