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New RV on Red carpet at RV supershow in Tampa, Florida

Three Big Trends From the 2022 Florida RV SuperShow in Tampa

One of the world’s largest RV shows just happened in Tampa, Florida. With over 84,000 visitors, 350 vendors, and over 1,400 brand spanking new RVs to peruse, it was an RVer’s Mecca. Well worth the trip. Well worth bringing your checkbook to catch a great deal (though, if you didn’t, there was plenty of financing to be had.)

There were also a few trends that are clearly emerging, as the industry is rocking and rolling from an unprecedented influx of buyers and renters of all types. It’s slowly but surely decreasing the average RVer age, which you can see not just in the faces walking around at the show, but also in the industry itself, as media, suppliers, and even social media personalities show a new youthful side of RVing.

Here are three trends that show that you can teach an old industry new tricks.

1. Electric vehicles.

Several manufacturers have dabbled in e-vehicles, and Winnebago had theirs front and center at their huge display. Their e-RV is a fully electric camper van with zero emissions and operation so quiet you might call it whisper mode. Still a production vehicle, the e-RV is a sign of earth-friendly trends to come. Surprisingly, manufacturers like the folks at Winnie are solving one of consumer’s biggest hangups: battery power, with the eRV’s battery currently rated for a 125-mile driving range.

2. Influencers.

For the younger RV crowd, social media influencers are the flavor du jour. Families in matching brand t-shirts promoting their preferred social media channels were ubiquitous. Shout out to Matt’s RV Reviews, whose popular YouTube channel is both helpful and entertaining, and whose booth was consistently busy with fans. (Side note, if you’re at next year’s SuperShow, keep an eye out for a booth dedicated to your favorite RV magazine—assuming it’s this one.)

3. Monotone interiors.

Colors are out. Grays and neutrals are in. If you’ve seen a luxury furniture store catalogue lately, you’ll recognize the vast majority of interior styling, as manufacturers trade the vibrant for the monotone. The most successful styles are pairing organic or simulated organic materials with their mostly gray interiors.

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