Aluminum Camper for Lightweight Travel.

Top Aluminum Campers for Lightweight Travel

Over the years, aluminum campers have become popular options for RVers of all types. Aluminum campers have several key benefits. For instance, they’re lightweight; they’re also designed to be aerodynamic. That makes them easier to tow and more fuel efficient. 

Aluminum campers are also durable and able to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, ensuring you’ll enjoy your RV for years to come. In addition, aluminum campers are easy to maintain because they don’t rust. That also makes them easier to clean and maintain. 

In addition, there are several different models with a variety of layouts and designs, so you can find one to fit your family’s needs. And let’s face it, many aluminum campers have an iconic look that’s just cool. 

There are, however, some drawbacks to consider with aluminum campers. For one, they tend to be a more expensive purchase upfront. If you will be using your trailer for years to come, the cost could balance out due to its durability and low maintenance costs. 

While an aluminum shell is durable, it does tend to be easier to scratch or dent, and there may be less noise insulation inside. Quality builders, however, often take steps to minimize any drawbacks with improved construction quality. 

To ensure you get the best bang for your buck for an aluminum camper you’ll enjoy for years to come, look at the material quality, brand reputation, and durability before choosing features and amenities, size and layout, or customization to suit your needs. 

Why Go for Lightweight Travel?

Lightweight aluminum campers are easier to tow. You can often find one that fits your needs without switching to newer, heavier vehicles that take more fuel. Pulling a lightweight camper is also more fuel-efficient, saving you big bucks when you’re on the road. You may even be able to pull the lighter trailer with an SUV or crossover vehicle. 

Lightweight trailers also tend to be more stable, offering more control and maneuverability even when the wind picks up.

Top 10 Aluminum Campers

You also have a lot of choices when it comes to aluminum campers to fit your pulling preferences and your budget. Ten of the top aluminum campers are:

  1. Airstream Basecamp due to its iconic design, aerodynamic shape, and efficient use of space. These fantastic aluminum campers come in two lengths—16 and 20 feet, with the 2024 models starting at $46,900. And while the shape is a bit different from past Airstream models, the new design helps improve fuel economy while offering a panoramic view to take in the beauty around you.
  2. Aliner Ascape offers a compact, lightweight option with an easy setup perfect for solo campers and couples ready to get off the beaten path. The lightweight camper is just 14 feet, so it’s easy to maneuver yet provides just what you need for your next adventure.

  3. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Teardrop Trailers are lightweight and compact for your next escape with three different floorplans. They provide a comfortable place to sleep with lots of storage as well as a cooktop and cooler to prepare your morning (or evening) meal. They don’t, however, come with a privy.

  4. Made with a fully welded aluminum cage and frame, inTech Sol Dawn is durable and lightweight enough to be pulled by an SUV starting at $36,463. The compact design is easy to maneuver and fit into small camping sites. Yet despite its small size, it feels bigger on the inside with large windows offering panoramic views. The unique layout also allows you to customize your sleeping area to fit your preferences, with plenty of room for your gear.

  5. The Airstream Flying Cloud offers the unique and iconic design Airstream is so well-known for, starting at $96,400. This highly popular, versatile, and family-friendly trailer offers several floor plans to fit your family’s needs, including a separate bedroom and room to sleep up to 8, with plenty of storage.

If you’re looking for a lightweight camper made with an aluminum frame, other options include:

  1. Casita Spirit, which has an aluminum frame and fiberglass body that’s lightweight and easy to tow. The starting price is $26,996 for a unit that can sleep up to 5.

  2. Nest by Airstream is also made with a fiberglass body with a sleek modern design. New models are no longer being manufactured, but you can find like-new units on the used market for around $36K.

  3. Escape 5.0 is unique in that it’s a fifth-wheel that can be towed with a mid-size truck. You’ll find separate sleeping and living areas and abundant storage starting at $44,510.

  4. SylvanSport GO is a good choice if you’re looking for a very lightweight, towable pop-up camper at a more affordable price (starting at just $14,495). These small units can even be pulled with a small car, truck, or EV. And it can be used as a toy hauler if you’re bringing bikes, kayaks, food storage, and more on your adventure. The setup is simple and quick, and when fully extended, there’s room to sleep 4 with plenty of standing room. When you’re not camping, it can also convert to a trailer to transport dirt bikes, an ATV, or even new furniture.

  5. Legacy Elite II, which is again made with an aluminum frame and a fiberglass shell for towability. This 23’6” long rig is double-hauled to provide comfort throughout all four seasons to enjoy the great outdoors anytime. Prices start at $74,000.

Whether you’re in the market for a specific iconic look or an RV that’s lightweight, easy to tow, with exceptional durability and fuel efficiency, an aluminum camper from a quality brand can easily fit your needs and budget. In addition, aluminum campers tend to hold their value, which makes them a good long-term investment.

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