From the pages of I RVing: Winter 2022

The First SuperShow of the Year

THIS JANUARY, RVs by the thousands will flood the Florida State Fairgrounds in Tampa for the 37th year. The annual FLORIDA RV SUPERSHOW is one of the two largest RV shows in the nation (along with Hershey) and the first of the new year. Wading into a sea of campers parked and polished down to the last detail, RV enthusiasts arrive each year to explore new RV models, interact with their favorite brands, and make some savvy purchases. To max out the experience, seasoned RVers come prepared with a plan identifying which vehicles, parts, and brands to visit. Establishing a route and booking camping spots (for as low as $20 a night) in advance helps fine-tune the logistics, with many attendees preferring the weekdays to avoid the Saturday crowd. This year’s SuperShow is scheduled for Jan. 19–23, 2022, for the public. Two-day passes are available for $12.

TacoZilla Returns! And Smashes into Vegas

This past November, Toyota’s new retro camper burst onto the scene of the 2021 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Based on a 1970s one-off, the TacoZilla is a custom camper built on a modern Tacoma TRD Sport. The yellow, orange, and bronze color scheme is inspired by the ‘70s. But its off-grid powers? Those are inspired by the King of the Monsters. Built more for off-roading than the streets of Tokyo, the TacoZilla rides on 33-inch all-terrain tires. And even with its compact design, passengers over six feet tall can walk comfortably inside.

California’s Blackwater Flush

Beginning in January 2022, California’s SB-317 bill will officially ban the sale and use of particular chemicals, including formaldehyde and bronopol. Both chemicals are common in RV black tanks and septic systems, which means that California campgrounds will be required by law to enforce the same ban—especially if they maintain a septic system, onsite wastewater treatment system, or subsurface disposal system to remove RV wastewater. (Hello, everyone with a full hookup.) Campers traveling through the Golden State should plan on using high-quality, bacteria-based holding tanks treatments like Monochem’s Dyna-Bact toilet deodorizer and Cali-compliant solutions like Valterra Pure Power.

Ember RV Cuts Ribbon and New Trail

With its employees and supplier partners gathered outside the company’s 88,000-square-foot facility in Bristol, Indiana, Ember RV celebrated its first production unit. President Ashley Bontrager-Lehman sees the launch as one of many milestones, not just for the company but for the industry itself, “As a team, we will challenge the status quo. We will make a positive impact on our industry. And we will build a better RV by building a better RV company.” (Sounds good to us!)

Canadian Campers Free to Flock South

In March 2020, the U.S. closed its land border with Canada to all nonessential travel due to the pandemic, keeping most Canadian snowbirds in the Great White North. But this year, with the U.S., is reopening its border to fully vaccinated travelers, the Canadian Snowbird Association predicts 90 percent of Canadian snowbirds will head south. Like many Canadian snowbirds, Fred Welsh of Gillams, Newfoundland plans to return to Florida for the warmer weather. His reasoning is rock solid: “It’s kind of cold in Newfoundland,” says Welsh, 59, “And I don’t want to spend another here.”

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