From the pages of I RVing: Fall 2022

Test Your Trail Head

See how much trail knowledge you’re humping or slackpacking  in 7 questions

The American Discovery Trail goes coast to coast. Where does its eastern trailhead start?

A. Massachusetts.
B. Delaware.
C. Maryland.
D. Virginia

Answer: B. The Cape Henlopen  State Park in Delaware starts this great westward route if you’re starting from the Atlantic. But, at 6,800 miles long (yeesh!), we’d recommend just doing sections as you park across the Lower 48.

Thru-hiking is defined as …

A. Ordering McDonald’s on foot.
B. Parking your RV at a trail’s endpoint.
C. Bypassing tough trail sections by road.
D. Completing an entire trail in a single trip.

Answer: D. Not saying we haven’t tried Option A, but thru-hiking is a little more intense. It can involve epic months on foot where you carry your own provisions and burn through calories. (So, you might deserve a Big Mac at the end.)

The Pacific Crest Trail’s highest point of elevation is …

A. Clingmans Dome, 6,643 feet.
B. Kaibab Plateau, 9,148 feet.
C. Forester Pass, 13,153 feet.
D. Grays Peak, 14,278 feet.

Answer: C. Forester Pass is  the peak of the Pacific Crest Trail. And because we know you’re wondering: Clingmans Dome, Kaibab Plateau, and Grays Peak are the high points for Appalachian, Arizona, and Continental Divide trails.

Sections of the current Appalachian Trail follow this old Native American travel route?

A. The Great Osage Trail.
B. The Apache Trail.
C. The Trail of Tears.
D. The Great Indian Warpath.

Answer: D. The Great Indian Warpath was a route for many seasonal and cultural activities up and down Native American Appalachia—from warfare to hunting and trade. Nowadays, the
warfare is just fighting traffic.

LNT stands for …

A. Leave no trace.
B. Let’s not try.
C. Low neutral terrain.
D. Let’s go, Brandon!

Answer: A. C’mon, Option D doesn’t even spell LNT. Leave no trace means leaving nature just as we found it, so we can all enjoy the trail.

Earning the Triple Crown means thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, Pacific Coast Trail, and Great Western Loop.

A. True.
B. False.

Answer: B. Unfortunately, two-  thirds right is still one-third wrong. The Continental Divide Trail, not the Great Western Loop, completes the Triple Crown.

How many miles is the Continental Divide Trail?

A. 1,969 miles.
B. 2,545 miles.
C. 3,028 miles.
D. 4,101 miles.

Answer: C. Of the Triple Crown Trails, the CDT is the longest. The Appalachian (AT) and Pacific Crest (PCT) trails are 2,194 and 2,653 miles respectively—which are driving, not hiking, distances for most of us.



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